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Bear This In Mind

2017 April 18th


GoToMeeting - Online Meetings Made Easy

Marketing “Experts”

2017 April 18th

I have wanted to increase my marketing skills so, a couple weeks ago, I bought an online marketing course designed for 2017. So, should be new and up to date. Was offered as a deal on a fairly reputable site. A $500 course for just $29. Sure, big savings like that are always questionable but the site offering it is a relative newcomer so probably still trying to build an audience and get positive reviews. So I went for it.

Saw on the site that actual hosts the course that they regularly sell the course for $200, not $500. Still, $29 for a $200 course isn’t bad.

I start following the course, step-by-step, not skimming, not skipping around. Plus it’s a video course, which I hate (that and podcasts) but I want to improve my marketing skills and so there we are.

My initial goal was to learn marketing to better market my eCommerce site. As some of you know, we do printing, rubber stamps, engraving and so on. So a lot of custom stuff. I have found that many marketing books don’t have applicable examples. If you sell pizza or you’re an accountant, sure, they’ve got examples like that covered, but nothing along the lines of offering personalized goods.

This course didn’t promise any examples along those lines, but, from the table of contents listed prior to purchase, I figured it’d at least cover some good ground regarding online marketing in 2017.

Plus, I thought maybe, just maybe, some of the skills might help with selling eBooks as well. Not the main goal of taking the course, but if it helps in that area, yay!

As I go through the course, I shortly discover that it is largely geared around selling courses on stuff to other people. You know how to teach people how to program, well, this course will show you how to make sure you cover the skills people need and reach the people needing to learn those skills.

Oh, but you want to sell widgets? Well, um, sure, that’s applicable, kind of, sort of, yeah, um, you just have to make adjustments and, um, yeah, totally the same techniques and, um, yeah, exactly the same.

Not really.


How about a list building course? You need to build a list of customers to promote stuff to, you know? Thus, I also signed up for a course on list building.

Beyond the technical stuff of building the list (which service to use, how to set it up and all that), the key thing is to . . . give something free to get people to sign up.

Oh, and then that free thing should leave them wanting more, so they will buy your . . . you guessed it . . . course on how to do whatever.


And then we fast forward to today, wherein I see a post in social media about an interview with an author selling oodles of books who expects to hit six figures this year and how said author accomplished that. Learn from a successful author!


Guess how said author makes the big bucks . . .

If you guessed “selling courses,” give yourself a gold star.

But, at least I have lifetime access to the courses, so if I decide to sell a course five years from now, I’ll have all the information I need to sell a course in 2017.

Silly Spammer

2017 April 12th

**** Commercial use of this software is prohibited ****
**** Please purchase a license to remove this notice ****

Oh, silly spammer. You fail.

First, you’re pretending to be a law firm. I would imagine a legitimate law firm would, um, you know, buy a license for whatever software they are using, especially if it were to go out with that warning embedded at the top and bottom of every eMail. Wouldn’t give your client a very good impression of you, would it?

Especially if you’re charging them thousands of dollars in legal fees and you can’t be bothered to buy a software license. Or, you know, maybe use software that’s free or less expensive?

Second, I’m guessing spamming can’t be too lucrative if you can’t afford to buy a software license for your mail software.

Third . . . “I found your name in some of his documents and that is why I traced your email through an advanced search.” If that were true, why is my name mentioned nowhere in the message and the message is addressed to “Dear [my eMail address]“?

Oh, silly spammer. You fail.

**** Commercial use of this software is prohibited ****
**** Please purchase a license to remove this notice ****

Pop . . . Pop . . . Pop . . .

2016 April 27th



So, I guess that last post was telling, eh?

Regardless, or irregardless depending on your preference though one is right and one is wrong unless you disagree, I should probably tell you where you can find me now.

But, it’s not like anyone is looking so, um, yeah.

Brain Games - Lumosity

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

2015 July 28th

So, it’s been a while. Surprisingly, I didn’t even have to look up my password. At any rate, the questions of the day are:

a) To blog or not to blog?

b) If to blog, to blog here or start anew?

c) Also, what should we blog about?

By we, of course, I mean me, unless we have guest bloggers, but that gets complicated and who wants that? Plus, you don’t come here to read John Doe’s posts about whatever; you come here to read my posts about whatever. Well, actually, people mostly come here through Google Images to steal photos from my site and use them on their own without permission in a blatant infringement of copyright.

And, yes, I waffle a lot in terms of whether or not to keep this blog going. The key factor is, of course, no one cares.

Seriously, no one cares.

You have to make people care.

You have to make them want to visit.

You have to make them want to come back.

You have to make them want to care.

Then you take their money and buy yourself a private island somewhere and tell them to buzz off.

That’s the cycle of life.

Sometimes, of course, I like to imagine I used to have good content on here. And, yes, I did. There’s probably a lot more nonsense though. The one thing I’ve learned is that when you try to post daily, when you try to give something for people to come here to read each and every day, eventually you go quite mad. And then you start posting pictures of dancing monkeys. And not just a single picture. Oh, no. You do that every day for about a month. A full month of dancing monkeys.

Then you try to get back on course. You try to get back to posting stuff of real substance. And you might succeed for a while, but then you cave and put up a bunch of red lines and call it a post.

Then you reach the point where it seems futile, so you throw in the towel and decide to shut the whole thing down.

Then you change your mind and try something completely different until, of course, you change your mind again. Then there is a long period of silence after which you try again. And then you give up after a couple weeks when you start posting stuff like 50 shades of bunnies. And you follow that up with intermittent nonsense.

And, so, here we are. Hello! What up?