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Goodbye, World!

2017 July 15th

This is my last post on this blog, written and posted on the Ides of July.

This is more a formality at this point. I’m reasonably certain no one has actually read this blog in quite some time. I haven’t posted very often either, so it’s a vicious cycle.

This blog has been killed and resurrected once or twice now, but ten years is a good endpoint, I think. I did accomplish a few things on this blog, such as a full year of consecutive daily blogging, 500 days of the same, 1000 days of the same and tapping out at about 1,566 days of consecutive daily blogging.

I also published my first novel and published some shorts and had some input from readers right here on this blog (portions of which were once its own blog before being merged into this one).

We had viral blogs and a month of dancing monkeys.

Thanks to all those bloggers, most of whom appear to have long abandoned their own blogs though some are still hanging in there, who have interacted with me on mine and their blogs over the years. Thanks to all the readers, both those who commented and those who kept their silence.

Mind you, while this blog is coming to an end, there will be something else to replace it. Something hopefully fun, something that may bring some amount of joy into people’s lives, something not divisive and ranting, something nostalgic, something else. Something maybe soon.

Until then . . .

It’s been real!

And as always,
Believe. Act. Achieve!

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Looking Upward – Ten Years Later

2017 July 15th


The first photo on this blog was of this maple tree from my backyard. That photo was taken on July 15, 2007 and posted the following day.

Five years later, we revisited that maple tree with another photo. I was wrong about it being one year plus a day as that photo was taken on July 15, 2012 so it was exactly five years later.

Six years later, we visited that maple tree again in another photo. That photo was, as indicated in the blog post, taken six years later on July 15, 2013.

And now we have that same tree, posted in this post, exactly ten years after the first photo was taken. Of course, it’s a day sooner than posted before, so we’re falling short on the ten year mark as far as posting goes, but meeting the ten years as far as photo authenticity goes.

Though, technically, this one is a still shot extracted from a video. So, not technically a photo but still a matching image nonetheless. And, as a special bonus, this one features Wiggle Stereoscopy so it’s 3D-ish.

Anyway, I figured it would be appropriate if the same maple tree was the first and last photo posted on this blog. Symmetry, you know?

Greetings from Last Year!

2017 July 15th

It is now July 15, 2017 and it’s pretty much now or never for this post so here goes . . . As another update, while Little Too is still around, unfortunately Ink Spot, who is mentioned in the part of this post originally written in 2009, passed away on November 18, 2013.

It is now January 1, 2013 and I am postponing it again.

It is now January 7, 2012 and I am postponing it again.

So, I am postponing it again. Here it is, January 12, 2011 (2:32 p.m.), and I’ve opted to put this one off for yet another year. Hopefully, by then, the situation will have improved economically, which, at this point, it has not.

The below post was originally written in 2009 and scheduled 2010. Well, here it is on January 15, 2010 (12:44 a.m.), and I’ve decided to push this back yet another year. It was entirely by coincidence that I caught this post. Earlier in the month, I knew it was set to be published this year, but remained undecided as to whether to let it go out or not. Here it is 22 hours before it was scheduled to go live, and I’ve decided to bump it for another year.

You see, at this point, things really haven’t gotten better economically. In fact, to a degree, they’ve gotten worse. Right now, though, with the situation in Haiti, I really don’t want this post to go out. I am certainly not as bad off as a lot of people right now, especially since I still have a home and my life and my family.

So, here’s hoping things change for the better in yet another year. So, greetings from 2010! And, following is the original post written in 2009:

Last year on this day, I had a post that had been written and scheduled the year prior. I had almost forgotten about it, and was happy it had appeared, thus saving me the trouble of writing a post today. So, I’ll do my future self the same favor by writing a post now and scheduling it to appear on January 15, 2010. So, for you reading this, that’s today. For me, that will be today when I get up and try to figure out what to post and see, hey, I wrote a post already! Yay!

Oh, and on that time traveling post, Meleah seemed to like it too. Speedy insisted his blog was all about time travel, and Terence wondered when I would change my tagline. And Teeni was disappointed this blog wasn’t about knitting; apparently, she’s been under that impression for a while. LOL!

So, with this “blast from the past,” let’s compare notes. Right now, as I type this, my cat Ink Spot is sitting… never mind, she left. But, she was sitting under my chair. Little Too is upstairs playing with her birthday toy.

Right now, I have 10,201 followers on Twitter. I wonder how that will have changed in a year? Is Twitter still around? Did it get bought out? Am I still using it? Good questions.

I hope the economy has gotten better. This post is also somewhat of an act of faith that it has because, if it hasn’t, you probably won’t even be reading this because this blog may not be here anymore! What you don’t know, and what I haven’t told anyone and I may later opt to even delete mention of it from this post before it appears, is that, with the economy such that it is, I have been essentially living without an income for nearly two months. Money trickles in, but not reliably so, and sometimes I get bursts of money coming in, but, generally, I’m about two months behind my normal income.

So, it’s not just Twitter that’s kept me from visiting blogs as often as I used to do. When you’re wondering how you’re going to pay a bill that’s due (just this week, I managed to pay one of my web hosting bills just hours before it would have been taken down), commenting on blogs isn’t real easy to do, I’m sorry to say.

Of course, I realize a lot of people are in worse shape than I am, so I just choose not to say anything about it. I have no desire to draw attention away from people that are really struggling or are completely out of work.

At any rate, I hope that now, in 2010, things have gotten better for everyone. It’s a challenge to remain optimistic at times, but I’ll continue to hold out hope. And hope that the tough times don’t get any worse, or don’t get much worse, and that things will be better by the time you read this post.

Now, I am off to work on another blog. I am renaming and rebranding The Thrifty Entrepreneur dot Com. As of this writing, I have not yet revealed the new name of the blog. I will announce that in a few days, maybe as soon as tomorrow. Of course, those of you reading this in the future know that I changed the name to the Canville Business Community. Did I add the “dot Com” to the end of that as part of the name? We’ll see! (But I don’t plan on it!)

So, once again, hello from January 15, 2009!

Knock, Knock

2017 July 15th

Is anyone there? Ha ha. Nope.

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Bear This In Mind

2017 April 18th