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Seven P’s, Ma’am

Joanne thinks she is so sneaky by tagging me with the 7 P’s Meme. Well, the joke is on her! It was rather fortunate, because I was out of ideas (still suffering virtual jet lag, I suppose) for what to post. So, now I have something!

Also fortunate is that there doesn’t seem to be any rules. So, while many people post introspective insights or revealing tidbits about themselves, I don’t see that as a rule anywhere, which leaves me free to “off-road.” And, even if there were rules, well, they’re meant to be broken, no?

At any rate, and without further ado, here are my seven P’s:



‘Nuff said. (Yes, I know it’s a bad photo, but I hurried it along and was running out of memory on the camera.)


This will probably freak Joanne out

Dinosaur (Toy)

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a palaeontologist when I grew up, specifically studying dinosaurs. I had (and still have) lots of dinosaur books and dinosaurs and probably knew more about dinosaurs than that so-called kid “dinosaur expert” that was on Johnny Carson one time.


On an online job aptitude test I took once, it said I should be a writer or in hotel management. Uh, okay.


I am fair-skinned and when I was in grade school, a teacher (not mine) actually walked up to me and felt my head to see if I was sick.

These days, my parents would probably be able to sue for something like that, and we’d be rich now.


I don’t do it much in real life, but my virtual self seems to do it a lot, as Joanne was first to notice.


Ever since high school, my signature has had a paraph. I was interested in history for a long time and in high school, I took particular notice that many of the Founding Fathers had paraphs in their signatures. It seems to be something that was more common in days past than in modern times. But, I liked the “old school” handwriting, and created my own paraph. It was more deliberate and clearly defined at first, but now it is second nature and, well, not so clear anymore!


I have been occasionally accused of parciloquy.

Bonus P:


I have been guilty of philotherianism ever since I was a kid. I have had a virtual zoo of animals so far in my lifetime.

Mind your P’s!

Now, as is the custom and perhaps the only rule for this meme I know to follow, I will tag 5 bloggers with the same meme:

Lewis (Sure, I just tagged him with the Viral Story Tag, but he has an empire for goodness’ sake! He can surely manage one more tag.)

Debo Hobo

Phil McDonnell

Michael Fultz


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Comment by Joanne
2007-09-13 10:39:40

It’s funny, when I was choosing who to tag, I thought (before deciding nah…) of putting next to your name specifically that you could adapt the P’s into something that works for you/your site. Pleased you did as I expected, haha.

Not too fond of the dinosaur, but luckily for me it’s inaniminate and puny. I have a paraph in my signature, too!! In fact, I’ve had it since the 8th grade…so, hah. These are some good words, you make sure my education is well-rounded. =P Hahaha, and I learned a lot of new stuff about my sparring partner, you know, to file away for future reference.

And, palpebration is SO my new favorite word, I’m gonna use it to totally rock the dating scene, lols. ;)

Comment by dcr
2007-09-13 23:57:43

I’ve had the same hair style since the 7th grade, so there!

So, if I’m ever in Virginia and spot a young woman palpebrating compulsively somewhere, I’ll know it’s you. ;-)

By the way, your Technorati ranking (43) is exactly half of mine right now (86). You’re catching up though. You kept going up while I was stuck at 78 or 79, wondering if I’d ever get to 80.

Comment by Lewis Empire
2007-09-13 17:04:10

So now I need to integrate the Viral links with my 7 P’s. That will take my creativity to the highest level.

Although I usually don’t buy in to revenge tactics (who am I kidding?) I’m going to be thinking of something VERY difficult for you to do shortly DCR.

Comment by dcr
2007-09-14 00:00:20

I am unafraid.

Quick, name the song and artist that lyric is from. The song was in a hit movie of the mid-80′s.

Comment by Michael Fultz
2007-09-13 23:15:48

Rules? Who needs rules? Do what makes ya feel good!

Comment by dcr
2007-09-14 00:07:54

Too many sadists running about to encourage people to do what makes them feel good!

I think that a better credo is do what you will so long as it harms none or, of course, the Golden Rule to treat others as you would like to be treated. I would tend more toward the former than the latter as the problem with the Golden Rule these days is that there are too many masochists running about.

Comment by JD
2007-09-14 11:58:24

Thank you! I love “P’s”! I needed something like this to post while I’m in Vegas next week.

My first tag! (runs off to dance wildly in the backyard)

Comment by dcr
2007-09-16 16:15:33

You’ve been tagged so that other people won’t have to be. ;-)

2007-09-19 08:53:00

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2007-09-20 11:35:58

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2007-09-30 01:56:16

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2007-10-19 04:17:38

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