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Color Tag

JD, what’s your favorite color?

Joanne, what’s your favorite color?

Debo Hobo, what’s your favorite color? (And, do you prefer that I call you Debo Hobo or Deborah?)

Phil, what’s your favorite color?

You can answer in comments or on your own blog with a link to this post so I’ll get pinged and check your response.

Why the question? More on that later.

Why these bloggers? Three of them were Soda contributors in August. (Remember, I promised something special?) And, Joanne is my blog sparring partner.

Better name a second favorite color too, just in case…

Anyone else who wants to chime in with their favorite color is also encouraged to do so. There may be some savings in it for you if you are a crafty person.

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Comment by Joanne
2007-09-14 09:35:27

Hm, interesting… Well, I tend to gravitate (yes, because colors are magnetic =P) towards purple. But it depends on the particular shade and whatnot, so blue is always a good safe alternative.

I’m going to be wondering about this all day!

Comment by Debo Hobo
2007-09-14 11:25:23

DCR, I think my favorite color right now is Navy Blue. Hey, your little guy at the top there freaked me out the other day. He winked at me, I swear to God he did. He did didn’t he?

Comment by JD
2007-09-14 12:04:01

Sky blue for me! (can’t wait to see where this leads!)

Comment by doug m
2007-09-14 12:37:22

i tend to lean towards green

Comment by Mike Goad
2007-09-14 13:39:10

I’ve always been partial to blues of just about any shade.

Comment by Debo Hobo
2007-09-14 14:12:24

Oopsy! And I prefer to go by Debo Hobo when referencing my blog, but Deborah when referring to me the person. :)

Comment by Phil
2007-09-14 20:20:47

Well my favorite color used to be Blue but lately it has been Black but that is the absence of color no? So I would say that I am being partial to a Green but it has to be a pale hue not lime or dark. By the way I will post this on my blog to see if the ping works. Sorry in advance if it doubles the post here.

2007-09-14 20:32:22

[...] has been brought to my attention that I have been tagged by Dan over at DCRBlogs.com to pick my favorite color. I already answered on his blog but just to [...]

2007-10-01 22:43:39

[...] on September 24th, we played a little game of Color Tag, where three bloggers plus Joanne were promised something special. Others were also invited to [...]

2013-06-04 05:06:26

[...] to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.It has been brought to my attention that I have been tagged by Dan over at DCRBlogs.com to pick my favorite color. I already answered on his blog but just to [...]

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