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For the World is Full of Beauty and I Have It on Film

Did you know that if your hand is in the wrong position on the keyboard, you’ll type “die” instead of “for”? Not the way to start a Sunday blog post, is it? “Die rgw Qieks ua Dykk id VwYRT bs U GCW UR IB DUKN.” It’s almost Klingon.

After a long dry spell, due no doubt to my focus on my other project, I had two link-worthy posts this past week. Mike linked to “Inner Map to Paradise Found” and Beth linked to “How the Hollywood Writers’ Strike Can Help Your Blog.” Thanks!

Last Sunday, I mentioned that earlier that week, Mike had tagged me with the PhotoShow – 100 Meters Meme. The object of the meme is to post four or more photos of things you see within 100 meters of your home. For those of us still using standard units, that would be about 328 feet and 1 inch. The PhotoShow – 100 meters meme was started by Andy Bailey with the assistance of Vegan Momma and Lalla-Mira.

Here are my four photos:

Squirrel 072

First, a squirrel on a maple tree running off with a partially eaten black walnut.

Birds Nest 163

Second, a bird’s nest in a dogwood tree in winter.

Iris 173

Third, an iris flower.

Sunset 008

Fourth, sunset, I think right before or after a thunderstorm. One of the presidential candidates may have been in town too, or something.

Now, I’ll just copy and paste from Mike (so this may look familiar), but change “My Tags” to my tags. ;-)

My Tags
Joanne of The Laidback Buddhist
Rolando of R Playground
Jon of Chimeric Day Dreams
JD of I Do Things

I’ve Been Tagged! What Do I Do?
Take photos up to 100 meters from your place
Add your name to the original list linking to the post you’ve created.
Tag as many friends as you like

PhotoShow: 100 Meters
1. Andy Bailey of FiddyP
2. Lalla-Mira of Lalla-Mira.com
3. Opal Tribble of VeganMomma.com
4. Pelf of Pelf-ism is contagious
5. Mike of Mike’s Photo Blog and Exit78
6. Dan of dcrBlogs

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Comment by Lalla Mira
2007-11-04 17:05:12

My favorite picture is the first one. That squirrel is so adorable!
Once again, I am jealous of all the nature surrounding you. All I see around id buildings. Sigh!

[I'll add you to my post right away!]

Comment by dcr
2007-11-04 19:05:19


My favorite squirrel image is one I don’t have. A few years ago while out walking (without my camera) on Easter, I saw a squirrel trying to carry a plastic Easter egg up a tree. It could get its mouth around it, but it couldn’t hold on to it well enough to get it up the tree. But, the squirrel kept trying!

Comment by JD
2007-11-04 19:32:25

Love the sunset. I’ll try to come up with something worthy. Thanks for the tag!

2007-11-05 16:47:25

[...] Here is a list -that will be updated- of bloggers taking part in this game: Andy. Lalla-Mira. Vegan Momma. The Sassy Southerner. Oxygene [She is posting 4 pictures during 4 days, in separate blog entries]. Luna Pat. Mike’s Photo Blog. Dan. [...]

Comment by Debo Hobo
2007-11-07 17:20:48

Back when I was a smoker (many many years ago) I used to sit out on the front stoop and watch the squirrels play in the trees. They were actually quite amusing and noisy with all their screeching and carrying on.

Creative meme idea too…

2007-11-08 11:21:27

[...] is a pretty interesting place. And I never would have realized that had it not been for Dan at dcr Blogs, who tagged me with a photo [...]

Comment by Jon
2007-11-14 11:31:30

OMG! Finally! a Photographic tag! :D

I gladly accept! Whew.. i don’t have to write anything clever.

btw:“Die rgw Qieks ua Dykk id VwYRT bs U GCW UR IB DUKN.” Completely zapped my inner geek with a gigawatt of current! Immediately I started thinking of writing some encryption code based on 1 character to the left transformation, BEFORE applying hex transformation AFTER obfuscating double letters and punctuation. Uncrackable I SAY!

Comment by Rolando
2007-11-14 23:16:20

Very cool DCR, now this should be different! I should have time to take some pics this weekend, but I don’t know if they’ll be as nice as yours :)

2007-11-14 23:31:20

[...] “For the World is Full of Beauty and I Have It on Film” [...]

2007-11-16 12:23:46

[...] places, but one of the places specifically, was the back yard. Autumn the way I see it. So when Dan tagged me for this really cool meme PhotoShow – 100 Meters Meme I jumped excitedly at the chance. [...]

Comment by Jon
2007-11-16 12:28:19

Ok! I got to it! Now I have to figure out who to tag!

2008-05-03 10:11:28

[...] is a pretty interesting place. And I never would have realized that had it not been for Dan at dcr Blogs, who tagged me with a photo [...]

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