Google/Blogger and OpenID

I wrote the other day that Google/Blogger had disabled linking in comments from bloggers who don’t use Blogger.

As Pete, Lisa and Rose pondered or indicated, this change apparently has something to do with OpenID, despite Google/Blogger apparently not giving Blogger bloggers any notice that the change was imminent.

Perhaps Google is too busy worrying about alternative energy and bidding on spectrums to be bothered with anything so mundane as user notification.

This article on TechCrunch has more info on Google’s move to OpenID. “Google notes that the feature is a test and that they will seek user feedback, but all things being equal this will end up being provided on Blogger itself.” Unfortunately, in the meantime it appears they have crippled Blogger blogs so that non-Google/Blogger users cannot have their nickname linked back to their blogs.

Sounds like another reason to add “switch to WordPress” on the list of things to do on your blog.

At any rate, if you’re still a poor, oppressed Blogger user, A Blog About Nothing has posted an article on how to enable comments for your non-Blogger friends.

Your readers will also need to get an OpenID of their own. You can learn more about this here and here.

I’ve signed up for an OpenID account (though I’m still awaiting the confirmation eMail) and it wasn’t that hard to do. Still, it just seems to be another layer of hassle and yet one more online account to keep track of. And, quite possibly yet another incredible waste of time.

One comment on “Google/Blogger and OpenID
  1. Dan:

    It’s funny that I did not know that I have openID for so long already. I just realized that I have AOL, LiveJournal, Technorat, wordpress and even vox accounts. I have to decided which one to use.

    However, I don’t want to use all those accounts. I would rather use my own account to leave comments and my URL.

    I was wondering why I can’t no longer use my own name and URL to leave comments. Now everything is clear explained.


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