Web Trek

It’s time for another viral story! Like the last two (here and here), we’ll stick with the ship theme, just send them out into the webspace.

Hopefully, this time I won’t miss (m)any bloggers!!!

DISCLAIMER: The story below is fictional. Blog names and titles are used in a creative, fictional way and are not intended to be, nor should they be construed as, an accurate representation of any blogs or bloggers.

Web Trek

Space, the Untwisted Vortex.
These are the Slyvisions of the U.S.S. Cariboo Ponderer.
Its One Man’s Goal: to Think Like Them, to Blog That Outside, to boldly Escape Job Hell!

Episode 1: “The Journey to 30


We are continuing our journey through the Techie Zone to bring the ambassadors from the Lewis Empire to the Bamboo Nation peace conference. Aside from their pet Blogolope escaping and running through the engineering deck, our trip thus far has been without incident. But tensions are high with the ambassadors from the Misdo Club who continue to have problems with Ziff, The Blogger Who Asks Stupid Questions. I have asked Lt. Commander Syaf the Geek to do something about it.

“Mr. Syaf, have you done anything about it?” inquired Captain Kenibatz.

“Yes, sir,” he replied. “I gave him My GPS Camera Phone and beamed him down to Skittle’s Place with the Nerdy Nomad. It’ll be days before they’ve realized we’ve left them behind.”

“By which time, we’ll be back to pick them up,” said the Captain.

“If you want,” the Lt. Commander mumbled.

Just then, another man in red uniform ran up to them, out of breath.

“What is it, Mr. Baconpants?” asked the Captain.

“Aye, Cap’n, the blogolope must’a weakened the Allscm.com shielding on the Webd360 matrix, ’cause the engineerin’ deck is flooded with Omicra, and we donna have enuf Komirad filters to a’sorb all that radiation.”

Easy Tech Talk, Mr. Baconpants, easy on the tech talk,” replied the Captain.

“Aye, Cap’n. It means we’re all gonna die!”


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I Should Have Bred Iguanas” says the pool boy.

* * * END COMMERCIAL * * *

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

Mr. Baconpants blathered on and on about Pro Blog Design or Blogging Bits flooding compartments or some such tomfoolery. I told him to fix it within the hour and be done with it. Meanwhile, I’ve finally been able to Master Halo 3!


“Yes, Mr. Low.”

“Before he died from radiation poisoning, Mr. Baconpants was able to remove the Omicra particles and save the ship.”

“That’s great!” answered the Captain. “Bummer about Mr. Baconpants. Of all the men I know, he was the most alien.”

“Yes, sir,” answered Mr. Low. “We have a bigger problem. The leak wasn’t caused by blogolope damage. It was a CyberSurge.”

“A cybersurge? What does that mean?”

“I’m afraid it means sabotage, Captain. The ship has been sabotaged.”


Has your Bloggrrl ever told you that you were too Totally-Useless? When you’re all alone, Home with Heather, does she tell you you’re getting in the way of Her Fab Life Every Every Minute of the day?

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After just eighteen months on our prescription, your girlfriend will be giving you all the Misdo Link Love you could ever want. Either that, or she’ll have long since left you for another guy. We can’t make any promises. You have to want to change. And, follow our guidelines to the letter, which is in Japanese to make it harder for you to sue us if the pills don’t work for you.

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****The licensing fee for Helvetica was too expensive.

* * * END COMMERCIAL * * *

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

Mr. Low is convinced there is a sabiture saboter sabitore sabitour sabotor sabotar the ship has been sabotaged. We’ve already lost Mr. Baconpants as a result. I had his casket fired off into space, toward the CHESSNOID nebula, where I hope he will find peace and not come back to life, because that would be pretty tragic since there is no air in the vacuum of space. I have ordered Security Chief Chris Bloczynski to do a deck by deck search for the sabetir sabotre sabitre guy who sabotaged the ship. I ordered Mr. Bloczynski to wear a blue uniform, rather than his standard red uniform. Can’t be too careful.

Mr. Bloczynski pushed a man to the ground at the Captain’s feet.

“I found the saboteur, sir.”

Saboteur! Of course, that’s how you spell it!”


“Oh, yes,” sputtered the Captain. “So, who is he?”

Rammel Firdaus,” replied Mr. Bloczynski. “He’s one of the Digital Lost Boys.”

“I read about them in The Daily Fuzz. What are they doing in this sector?”

“I believe they are trying to disrupt the peace conference, Captain. If the Lewis Empire and the Bamboo Nation go to war, they will only have to take down The Diva Network and they can rule the galaxy.”

“My stars,” exclaimed the Captain. “That Poewar could set the Fashion Style Trend back another ten years! High Fivez will be in style again!”

“Yes, sir.”

The Captain kicked the saboteur. “So, is that your plan? Is that your idea for The Blogging Experiment?” He kicked him some more. “You want A Little Piece of Me?” The Captain kicked him again, this time in the rantbits.com.

The man struggled to speak. “I–”


Is your neighbor’s Barking Aardvark driving you crazy? Is your Domestitchery subpar? Do you ever wish you could make money with A Blog About Nothing?

Well, too bad, because at the Comedy Plus Comedy Club, we can’t help you with any of that!

Ladies’ Night is every night at the CPCC! We make up for it by charging the guys twice as much!

Tuesday night we’ll have our special guests: The Valley Girl will perform alongside The Copywriting Maven in a never before seen performance! Come join the fun!

* * * END COMMERCIAL * * *

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

Mr. Bloczynski was able to locate the sabotuer. Unfortunately, before he could confess, we were interrupted by a commercial break and he died during the interim from injuries sustained during his interrogation radiation poisoning. Navigator Etienne Teo told me that since the Techie Zone is so close to Marketing Land, we are bound to be interrupted by an above average level of commercial breaks. But, at least we’re not on PBS and getting interrupted by lengthy pledge breaks. The whole crew could be dead by now.

“If Mr. Baconpants was still alive, he could meld his mind with Rammel Firdaus and discover his motive, his plan, his Secretalife.”

Sigh,” replied (sort of) the Captain.


“But Rammel is dead.”

“Doesn’t matter,” replied Lt. Commander Syaf. “While the brain is still freshly dead, there are still electrical signals being sent, gradually decreasing in strength until the brain completely shuts down due to the lack of oxygen being pumped into the blood by the once beating heart. During that time, it would still be possible to merge minds and learn some of the dead man’s tales. Think of a dying brain as The Thought Sponge.”

“Wait a minute!” exclaimed the Captain. “You’re the one with the pointy ears, you blue-blooded freak. It’s not Mr. Baconpants that could do weird things with his mind–it’s you!”

“Yes, your logic is quite right, Captain,” replied Syaf. “I was confused because Mr. Baconpants tried to meld his mind with Doctor Chang so that his Scraps of Mind could eventually be archived at The Uncanny Brain Broadcasting Blog. The radiation poisoning must have made him think he was me!”

“But, how could you forget, Mr. Syaf?” asked the Captain. “How could you do something so out of character?”

“The writers’ strike?”

“That must be it,” replied the Captain. “So, can you merge with him now and delve into his Chimeric Day Dreams to learn of his dastardly plans?”

“But, his casket’s halfway to the CHESSNOID nebula by now, though we may be able to find it on Blog Sonar…”

“Not Mr. Baconpants, Mr. Syaf! Rammel Firdaus. Can you do a brain merge with Rammel Firdaus?”

“Oh, no, Captain. He’s too dead by now. That would be icky.”

Go Smell the Flowers,” replied the Captain. “And then give it a try. We must know All Things About his Back Lot Projects!”


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* * * END COMMERCIAL * * *

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

I observed as Mr. Syaf touched the face of the deceased sabotuer, attempting to read whatever was left in his mind. He mumbled something about “My Thoughts to your jelly donuts, my jelly donuts for Any Apples, your apples to my Rich MinxFiona is MeWelcome to My World of Dreams!” Or some such nonsense. I completely lost interest in watching Mr. Syaf manhandle a corpse and began thinking of The Budget Babe I had met during the Galactic Party at Wolf 359. She didn’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes, I can tell you that. Ah, the Places Remembered and Imagined!


“Not now! I’m doing my log entry. Never interrupt me while I’m logging, Ensign Shamus!”

“Yes, sir.”

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

As I was saying, she worked at Webbase Beth Allen II in the Nimbus sector. She was definitely not The Alien Next Door! She nearly had a John Cow when the Miri Guy wouldn’t stop hitting on her. I ordered a Boston Brat with extra mustard and shoved it into his mouth. She was grateful–oh how grateful!–she was a real Boogie Mum, if you know what I mean. She was a Olympic Blogger and I but a Groovy Entrepreneur. It was a match made in the DigitalORDER


“Logging! Go away!”

“Captain, the ambassadors are complaining about the food. They say all that Chef Phil will prepare is Balls and Walnuts, and they are allergic.”

“Go tell Chef to make them something Missylicious and leave me alone!”

“Yes, sir.”

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

When I found out she was on Bloggings Most Wanted, I wasn’t sure what to do. She was a real Market Treasure, if you know what I mean, and I didn’t want it to end. So, I took a Breather and then–


Hi there! I’m The Insane Writer and have I got a crazy deal for you!

This week, we have the new Neatorama Sportsmobile 3000. It’s cool! It’s fast! It’s Write Now! It is so write now! And I have a crazy, crazy deal!

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Well, how about this? On that trip, you’ll be joined by John Chow, Don Biz Blogger, and, now get this, also the Marketing Deviant! That’s right! All three of these great bloggers will be traveling with you! It is off the rocker! It’s crazy, crazy. At this Blogging Mix, they’ll share all their Tips Supremo! They’ll even share their best Adsense Tips. It’s insane!

After that, The King Kong Blog will be on your team for a game of Queen City Hoops. Afterwards, you’ll get a very special–uh-huh–very special massage from the Brainy Bimbo. It’s insane!

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You can’t miss us!

Voiceovers by Tim McLaughlin Blog

* * * END COMMERCIAL * * *

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental.

Geesh. That wasn’t even a cliffhanger and they went to commercial. I guess we have to give those Idea Sellers their due. But, back to my story. Hmmm. Perhaps I will call my book “Tales from a Former Michigander.” Sounds cool, if only I knew what a Michigander was. Some kind of Blog Duck maybe? Anyway, it was Just Another Day… In all My Wanderings, I had never met such a woman. Not such a human woman, anyway. The girls of Antares, well… But, anyway, she had a criminal past she was running from, so what choice did I have? We made wild, passionate Misdo Link Love, and then I turned her Into the Inkpot at the nearest police station. It was a real win-win. Not for her, of course, but for me, and society.

Anyway, I guess I’ve spent too much time logging when I should be captaining. Admiral Chan will have a hissy fit plus give me Writer’s Notes. Whatever.

“Status, Mr. Folan?”

“Still on course for the Bamboo Nation, sir. We should arrive in four days.”

“Four days? It should be less than a day’s journey by now.”

“Yes, sir, but all the starting and stopping due to the commercials really hurts the engines, sir.”

“I see. Carry on, Mr. Demp.se/y.”

“That’s Folan, sir.”

“Sorry,” replied the Captain. “Your shirt’s red, you’ll be dead by the end of the episode. You might want to go ahead and send your farewells to your family. Heaven knows you won’t have time when you get blasted to SEO or whatever unfortunate fate awaits you.”

“Yes, sir. I Do Things so you won’t have to.”

“And, that’s why you’ll end up dead, Mr. Chris.

“That’s Folan, sir.”

“Until you’re shot, stabbed, vaporized or BlogStruk.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Or any combination thereof.”

“Yes, sir.”

I Hate Your Job, Mr. Corndog.”

“So do I, sir.”


Hello, this Average Joe from the Comedy Plus Comedy Club again. We realized that, in our last ad, we forgot to tell you where we were located, which would explain, we hope, why no one showed up for our special comedy night with the Valley Girl and the Copywriting Maven. We signed a contract to pay $80,000 for the two of them to come to our club, and we only sold three drinks to the roadies. And those were half off since they were all women and every night is freakin’ ladies night.

Look, we don’t have $80,000. We had run the numbers and had certain expectations for the audience and conversion rate on our ad. But, no one showed. We’ve been reading the Everything Finance Blog and realized we’re screwed. We really need to get people to come in and buy drinks before the Valley Girl and the Copywriting Maven send their goons after us.

Please stop by. Enjoy a night of comedy, and buy a drink. Or two. Or three. Especially if you’re a guy. There’ll be no last call. Drink all you want. Leave stinkin’ drunk. We don’t care, as long as you’re handing us cash.

Have you seen their goons? They went after the Random Encounters of We Comedy Club last fall. No one’s seen any of them since. Please, please, please, for the love of all things holy and good and just in the world, come in to the Comedy Plus Comedy Club and get yourself stinkin’ drunk. College kids welcome. High school kids too. We’re not checking IDs. Toddlers, preschoolers, they all look 21 to us. For the love of Pete, please buy a drink!

* * * END COMMERCIAL * * *

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

I wish that Webfleet would let me put in some ads in this log, then I could use my AdSense Tracker and Make Cents Online! They could even have a piece of the action and Grow Rich Along With Me! But, alas, all I’d really like to do is to learn How to Draw. I’ve Tried That, and end up with just stick figures. So, I’m going to make that my One Year Goal. If I can’t draw a pretty kitty a year from now, I’m quitting Webfleet and becoming a daytrader on the Forex Trading Blog. That’s How I Will Be Rich. Peace. Out.

“Red alert! Red alert!”

“What’s going on, Mr. Syaf?” asked the Captain.

“We’re being boarded by the Oil Offshore Marine!”


“He’s working with the Digital Lost Boys!” exclaimed Mr. Syaf.

“Don’t get emotional, Mr. Syaf.”

“Mr. Folan is already dead from an unexpected energy surge when the Marine’s ship broke our shields. I Am Facing Millions of reports to file if he successfully boards the ship and takes the ambassadors hostage! I don’t have an opposable thumb like you! Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to hold a stylus? Why doesn’t Webfleet have keyboards anymore?”

“Pull yourself together!”

“Sorry, sir. Bonding with a dead man has had an emotional toll.”

“Oh, Terri Terri Quite Contrary, just pay the piper and let’s get on with it!”

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

We’re five days out from the Bamboo Nation. Under attack by the Oil Offshore–



“Captain, we’re in the middle of a red alert. Besides, aren’t you supposed to do your log after the commercial, so that viewers will know what they’ve missed so far?”

“Quite right, Mr. Syaf.”


New from the Internet Marketing Mind

Are you tired of your Vegan Momma giving you broccoli and cheese sandwiches for lunch? Do you wish the Groovy Vegetarian would stop giving you minced carrot pie? Do you wish she’d stop visiting So Veg dot com and just buy some meat for heaven’s sake? Do you long for a juicy steak or some filet mignon but you still need some Cheap Eats?

The makers of Mottekaero Mister Donuts are proud to introduce Lunch in a Box*.

Its Chill Technology will keep your lunch cold while you work or play.

Our special Lunch in a Box has a secret compartment where you can store your meat out of the eyes of prying vegetarians. You can toss that alfalfa sprouts and chick pea sandwich and pull out a salami sandwich from your secret compartment. Your Blogamama thinks she’s feeding you right, and you’re finally able to enjoy a decent sandwich for lunch. Everybody wins!

Call 1-800-555-LNCH to order your Lunch in a Box today!**

*Meat sold separately.

**Not Available on MySpace

* * * END COMMERCIAL * * *

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Supplemental

I’ve been reading Moms Writing! to try to figure out what happened to the Sewing Mom. Tracked down a post on DCR Blogs, which led to a link on Sabrina’s Money Matters, which lead me to Michelle and the City, which I thought was a sitcom but it wasn’t. From there, the trail went cold.

Oh, but anyway, we had this red alert.

Caroline in the City. That was the sitcom!

Anyway, we were being boarded by the Oil Offshore Marine. What he was doing in space, I have no idea. He tried to take the ambassadors hostage, but Mr. Syaf got him in a Nimboid Death Grip, but it didn’t kill him. Just knocked him out for a while. I could have done that with a 2×4, but I was in my quarters, reading John Chow’s eBook. Maybe if I can make some money with this blogging thing, I won’t have to be a daytrader. So, once we had the Marine in custody, we released his ship from ours–it’s still drifting in space somewhere, no doubt–I wonder if I should have released a buoy to let others know there’s a ship there? Nah, they’ll get out of the way if they see a big ship speeding in their direction. I suppose we should have turned off the engines–and then…

* * * BREAKING NEWS * * *

We interrupt this program to bring you this important news alert…


“The Comedy Plus Comedy Club has disappeared. It just freakin’ disappeared. Our reporter, Ruby, is live on the scene. Ruby, can you tell us what happened?”

“Police say they’ve never seen anything like it. It’s just gone. It just disappeared. It’s like someone just vaporized the whole building or something. Police say they haven’t seen anything like this since the Random Encounters of We Comedy Club vanished last year.”

“Do they have any leads?”

“Prior to both incidents, the Valley Girl and the Copywriting Maven had performed at the clubs, but were not paid.”

“Are they suspects?”

“Police say that there is no [BLEEP] way they are even considered suspects.”

“Thank you, Ruby. Stay tuned to Action News 126.5 for further developments.”

We now return you to your regular programming, already in progress.


–boom! Kaboom! Boom, again! And, that was the end of that. The ship was safe, the ambassadors were delivered safely, and the Digital Lost Boys were completely eliminated. Too bad you missed it. After that, a Brave New Traveler joined the crew, and we set a new course. Copywrite, Ink, James T. Kenibatz.

“That’s ‘Copyright’, no ‘Ink’, sir.”

“Thanks, Mr. Syaf.”

…Copywrite James T. Kenibatz.


“Did you say something, Mr. Syaf? Was logging and wasn’t paying attention.”

“No, sir.”



20 comments on “Web Trek
  1. Mike Goad says:

    Wow! That is certainly an original and lengthy post – full of links in an entertaining way. Thanks, once again, for including my blog.


  2. Opal Tribble says:

    Very creative but as a vegan I don’t eat cheese. I’m sure Groovy Vegetarian would tell you that we eat more than minced carrot pie. That, doesn’t even sound good. The way you describe vegetarianism even I wouldn’t want to eat like that. πŸ˜‰ Check out some of the places, view a few of the recipes, they are tasty even if you don’t switch to veggie. πŸ˜‰
    Great post and thanks for the mention. πŸ™‚ How long did it take you to come up with it?

  3. dcr says:

    Very creative but as a vegan I don’t eat cheese.

    Here you go. πŸ˜‰

    The way you describe vegetarianism even I wouldn’t want to eat like that.

    You wouldn’t expect an ad trying to sell meat to make any type of vegetable dish sound good, would you? πŸ˜‰

    Check out some of the places, view a few of the recipes, they are tasty even if you don’t switch to veggie.

    Thanks. Will do. I’m an omnivore. πŸ˜‰ The only thing I won’t eat is anything I’ve kept as a pet. I sometimes feel guilty plucking the leaves off herbs I’ve grown and eating them.

    How long did it take you to come up with it?

    Too long.

  4. Mike says:

    OMG!! Dan that is just too funny. You should do these more often.

    I’m off to write the later home now before I don the the red top. πŸ™‚

    To boldly go where no Constipated person has gone before….

    The toilet!!

  5. Beth says:

    Holy cats! Thanks for another mention. That’s quite a story.

  6. Man you DO NOT HAVE Creative juices flowing, IT IS THE AMAZON of Creative juices.

    Thanks for the Link Juice.

    Teach Me To Make Money Onine.com

  7. Michael says:

    hmm, it’s funny that I’ve been writing about technology on my blog, maybe I need to change it to a sabotage blog.

  8. Another creative link story. I’m honored to be a street in your commercial break. πŸ™‚

  9. I hadn’t seen the newest story until today, but it’s an honor to be included. Despite the law of diminishing returns, I’ve always enjoy your viral stories. It is something worth writing about. Keep the faith. πŸ™‚

    All my best,
    Copywrite, Ink. er, Copyright Rich, ha!

  10. Frigga says:

    Wow, this is really very creative! I appreciate you including me in the story!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Valley Girl says:

    Oh, no! I missed my performance. How did I do?

  12. Very clever, as usual, my friend. I appreciate that you gave me such a solid role.

  13. Good God! You captured William Shatner’s problem with the word “sabotage” perfectly. More than once. Good job!

  14. Stine says:

    Good Grief! I think I’ll stick to people writing their own…
    Great job, and thanks… (I’m Mother’s Home, BTW, off to link to you on my dotcom, http://mumsgotta.com (Mother’s Got a Dot Com) now…

  15. What an original post! Sorry it took me so long to pop over and read it in its entirety – oh if I had half the imagination you do….I’d probably daydream all day and get absolutely nothing done! πŸ˜€ JK!

  16. Joy Smith says:

    I think it’s the most creative thing I have ever seen. Well maybe not the most for some..but for me… yep…..

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