Missed Links

Invariably, when I do my viral stories, such as yesterday’s, I miss a few blogs who hadn’t been added to my master list but should have. Here are the missing links: The Catlady; The Professional Assistant; R Playground; Wonderland or Not; Julie’s Blog; Patrick on Animals; StampReport.com; The Strange Adventures of Petunia Happenstance and her Chicken of Destiny; The Strategist Notebook; Aiming for Independence; Chip’s Quips; Design Print Blog!; Trenton Makes, The World Takes; Diary; Inner Ink; and, Scourge’s Ramblings.

Each of them have either posted a viral linking back to me, commented on my blog, connected with me at places like MyBlogLog, or just had a really cool title that I cannot wait to find a use for in a future viral story.

They have all been added to my Viral Blogs list so that (hopefully!) I won’t miss including them on future stories.

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