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Show of Votes for SciFi

All the votes are in for the “Show of Opinion for SciFi” and all the votes have been counted and any hanging chads were dutifully exterminated. And, extermination naturally leads one to think Alien vs. Predator vs. Daleks. Not much of a contest there, though, is there? I mean, a single Dalek could probably wipe them all out.

But, I digress. So, here are the votes:

1 5 2 3 4
1 3 5 2 4
1 4 5 3 2
1 4 3 2 5
4 5 3 2 1

So, to make more sense of the results, we’ll give each place a point value. A 1st place position is 5 points. A 2nd place position is 4 points, 3 for 3, 2 points for 4th place and 1 point for the 5th position.

That results in this:

SciFi Story Pie Chart

21 Points for (1) Darnella (fairy story)

15 Points for (4) A teenage serial killer faces off against an even worse killer

15 Points for (5) In the far future, a centuries-old conflict re-ignites as mankind marks a new era of technological progress

14 Points for (3) An eclectic group of explorers search for universe’s earliest civilization while a dangerous menace grows

10 Points for (2) Orphan girls search for their grandparents while being followed by people who want to kill one of them

(1) “Darnella,” the fairy story, is the big winner and (2) “orphan girls search for their grandparents” appears to be a big loser. Bummer. My test reader liked that one.

The rest are nearly at a three way tie. (1) held pretty steady at #1 as the votes came in, while (2) stayed pretty much at the bottom as the votes came in. But (3), (4) and (5) bounced around a lot.

That, of course, doesn’t make choosing which to pursue (after “Darnella” is completed) any easier!

Beth, Joanne, Pete, Chayna and Ernie: Thanks for voting!

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Comment by pete
2007-12-07 11:01:38

Sweet graphic. Thank you for not using Comic Sans. And thanks for the link! Now on with the fairytale perversion!

Comment by dcr
2007-12-09 23:55:48

Now on with the fairytale perversion!

I’m beginning to worry about you. ;-)

2007-12-12 17:36:46

[...] the “Show of Votes for SciFi” which, though I appreciate those who took the time to vote, was not entirely helpful due to [...]

2008-01-17 23:48:18

[...] The design police are out there, and you can apparently join them. I think Pete’s been itching to sign up. You’ll note his probable distaste of Comic Sans here. [...]

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