Popularity Contest 2007

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back. Since I didn’t start this blog until July, I only have six months (well, five and a half actually) to look back on. Perhaps I could have waited on this until the actual end of the year, but I doubt the numbers will change much, so let’s just get it out of the way now!

Some things, like the Top Commentators, will be cleared out the first part of the new year, so everyone will have a chance to start fresh. Otherwise, no one could beat Joanne, who already leads everyone else by more than double the number of comments.

Top Commentators

  1. Joanne (104)
  2. David (45)
  3. Deborah (45)
  4. Lewis Empire (42)
  5. Alex (41)

Most Commented Posts

  1. Viral Stories How-To
  2. Seven P Antonyms
  3. Awards Night
  4. Color Tag
  5. For the Sentence Was Wrong and I Have Typed It Rightly
  6. We Are One
  7. Lost Links
  8. Bloggone Branding
  9. My Goal
  10. Pirate Links

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Most Popular Posts (overall)

  1. Lost Links
  2. Awards Night
  3. Viral Stories How-To
  4. For the Sentence Was Wrong and I Have Typed It Rightly
  5. Drunken Virals
  6. Seven P Antonyms
  7. We Are One
  8. Pirate Links
  9. Google Slaps Bloggers… Yawn
  10. Color Tag

Most Popular Posts (by permalink views)

  1. Drunken Virals
  2. Google Slaps Bloggers… Yawn
  3. Lost Links
  4. Pirate Links
  5. Awards Night
  6. My Goal
  7. Six Reasons Why You Need a Full Feed RSS
  8. Explode Like Sodium, Flow Like Water (Curiously, its prequel “Are You Salt or Sodium?” did not make the list. But note how I just snuck it in.)
  9. Viral Stories How-To
  10. Back to School

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All Tied for Archive Views

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  4. Another Blog Bites the Dust
  5. Proofread Your Comments

In the new year, I will no doubt change my sidebar, most likely eliminating the near-dead blogs and adding bloggers like Jon, Pete and Rolando. Possibly Mike as well, who you may be hearing more from if I get my secret project up and running again in 2008. And others too. Which means I’ll need to do some kind of rethinking as to how I manage my sidebar, because there are many people I want to add, yet I don’t want to clutter the thing up.

Who Was in My Sidebar?

  1. A Blog About Nothing
  2. A Blog that Lies
  3. Almost a Billionaire
  4. Beyond the Rhetoric
  5. Chris Bloczynski dot Com
  6. ChrisBlogging.com
  7. Daily Web Ideas
  8. DeboHobo.com
  9. Exit 78
  10. I Do Things
  11. Net Business Journal
  12. The Laidback Buddhist
  13. Unusual Business Ideas that Work

Who Was on My Blogroll?

  1. Barry Austern – Who I know from the TSO days.
  2. Douglas Hoffman – Who Taught Me What NSFW Meant
  3. Matthew Laznicka – Who Does Great Art
  4. Phil McDonnell – Who Was on the Board of Directors of Our Company that Never Got Off the Ground

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Blogger vs. Blogger
These were popular back in the day, but apparently the posts didn’t have staying power as none of these made any of the top lists.

  1. A Tale of Two Chris’s: Chris Bloczynski dot Com vs. ChrisBlogging.com
  2. There Can Be Only One: One Man’s Goal vs. One Year Goal (I never anticipated the firestorm this one would set off!) Note: One Man’s Goal was sold a month or two ago.
  3. Hustle Hoedown: My New Hustle vs. Net Hustlin’

Zensation: Forbidden Secrets of Mind Power: Learn to achieve your goals and manifest your desires.

There are a lot of firsts with a new blog. Most people don’t keep track of them. I know I don’t. I had to wade through my past posts to dig all this stuff up. Mind you, I have some great content in here, hidden among some posts that are none too exciting, but it seems I had more quality posts early on than of late. Then again, I didn’t post every freakin’ day like I do now. You can’t win them all.

Sure, maybe I shouldn’t post when I don’t have something of quality to say. Were I to do that, you’d be looking at a blank page on many days. Okay, so there wouldn’t be a blank page; it would just show the last entry, which could be days or weeks old, and you would think I just didn’t care anymore. So, rather than that, I would post a blank page. But, why annoy you with a blank page when I could annoy you by throwing some words on a page and hopefully providing some level of amusement?

You see my point, no? Quality beats quantity, but quantity bests a dead horse. There is just no way you’re going to get that dead horse to drink and, even if you do, it’s a little too late, seeing as he is already dead. Where was I? Oh yes, here are some firsts:


  1. First Post: Hello World!
  2. First Photo: Look Upward!
  3. First Commentator: Michael Kwan on Blogging for Money
  4. First Prize: Spread the Word for a Chance
  5. First Review: A Review of Dan Blogs
  6. First Change: Bloggone Branding
  7. First Drawing: Spread the Word Drawing
  8. First Winner: Alex
  9. First Blog Battle: A Tale of Two Chris’s
  10. First Mention of Hot Naked Chicks: Linkbait Extravaganza!
  11. First Post Not Posted Here: Sodium and Water
  12. First Poem (Not Mine): How Did You Die?
  13. First Goal: My Goal
  14. First Q&A: Spam Q&A
  15. First Link to Joanne: Are You Free? Joanne’s link text: “pervert
  16. First(?) Blatant Self-Promotion: Where to Register
  17. First Win: What’s in the Box?
  18. First Viral Links: Drunken Virals
  19. First Mention of BAA: Not So Secret
  20. First Test: How Nerdy Are You?
  21. First Mention of Car Spam: Dan the Car Man?
  22. First Soda Contributor: Phil McDonnell
  23. First Lunch Photo: It Works for John Chow
  24. First Awards: Award-Winning Blog (Awards from A Nice Place in the Sun and Erina Hart.)
  25. First Animation: Seven Things You Don’t Know But I Do

I had the Buy Me a Beer plugin (which I changed to Buy Me a Soda) for a while. I eventually decided to drop it, but it was fun while it lasted. Thanks to everyone who bought me a soda! I’ve since fallen off the bandwagon a bit, but I’m still drinking iced tea regularly, for the most part, except when I’m not. Yes, winter should be time for hot tea, but I need to get myself a nice mug, and I think I’ll design my own, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Soda Contributors from August 2007

  1. I Do Things
  2. Debo Hobo dot Com
  3. Phil McDonnell

Are you in the Cincinnati-Dayton area in Ohio? Get listed on my Daytonnati blogs page!

Thank you to all of my readers and commentators! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

4 comments on “Popularity Contest 2007
  1. Dan:

    That’s an awesome list. I like the “First” list. Very inspirational.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Jon says:

    You’re fascinating character. . . I’m glad to have made your acquaintance . . . i suppose you can thank Joanne.

    Thanks for sharing all your year in blogs. I await your posts with eager expectation as there is always something in there that’s worth getting a chunk of and running with it.

  3. Mark Dykeman says:

    This post is a cool idea.

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