Ground Round

The other day, or maybe it was yesterday, I found this song by way of Doug who found it by way of his son Jake. Doug thought it sounded like this song. And that song plus the pork song got me thinking… And when I couldn’t sleep Sunday night, I came up with “You bring me ground round, baby; Wrapped in butcher paper, baby” and things kind of went from there…

I wanted to do a list of links that would, for the most part, link to specific posts on other bloggers’ blogs. And, so I mixed it with my “You Gave Me Ground Round” lyrics. Mind you, if I could sing, you would have been in for one heck of a treat. But, since I can’t and bad singing has been deemed as torture by the Geneva Convention, which was revised after the premiere of American Idol, I hereby present you the song in verse form.

And, no, the links don’t rhyme. If you want that level of talent and patience, you’ve have to give Weird Al a chime.

Ground Round

Nina explored the Gaia hypothesis,
Beth remembered “We are the World,”
Bobo explained why Bobo blogs,
Lillie Ammann self-published a self-publishing primer.

Mr. Baconpants fried up some cookies,
Chris Bloczynski set a benchmark,
Blogamama is a directory of mom blogs,
Average Joe Blogger experimented with Stumble Karma.

You bring me ground round, baby
Wrapped in butcher paper, baby
Ground round, ground round.
You bring me ground round, baby
Ground round, ground round, baby,
Ground round, ground round.

Bloggrrl presented blogger buck forums,
Boogie Mum was poisoned by a cashier,
Boston Brat quit Dunkin Donuts,
Brave New Traveler exposed European travel secrets.

Budget Babe is still running behind,
Cardiogirl had some old advice,
Cariboo Ponderer got her own domain,
The Catlady wondered what’s the matter with girls today?

Two thousand seven, baby
It’s all ground round now, now, baby
Ground round, ground round.
You gave me ground round, baby
Ground round, ground round, baby,
Ground round, ground round.

Terence went backpacking through China,
CHESSNOID blogged about me,
Chris did too.
ChrisBlogging won’t write 1,000 words for a buck (do you blame him?).

Was I the first person to comment on
CyberBrahma wanted you to start living,
Don Biz Blogger showed how to make money online with garage sales,
Simply Fiona wanted to finish her novel.

You brought me ground round, baby
Wrapped in butcher paper, baby
Ground round, ground round.
I asked for filet mignon.
Filet mignon, baby,
Filet mignon.

Mike wanted a 13.4 Gigapixel camera,
The Insane Writer wanted jewelry for less
Oh, look, Terence has some!
Joanne explained why Asian guys can’t get white girls.

Keeyit hunted photos,
Kenibatz offered photo lessons before disappearing,
Jon took a lot of photos,
Lizeth hid in many of them.

I want you gone, gone, baby
Long gone, baby, baby, long gone,
Like the mignon.
You ate the filet mignon.
Filet mignon, baby,
Left me ground round.

At this point, I should point out that what I’ve done here is to link to posts from 2007. A kind of celebration of the year gone by, if you will. I should also note that it is also a good idea to include somewhere in your blog a list of your most popular posts or the posts that you want to encourage people to read. It really makes stuff like this easier for people like me. Saves me a lot of time scrolling and scrolling on and on on those blogs that don’t list their best posts or even have a half-way decent archive or navigation system.

Revellian revealed revelations,
Vegan Momma watched a flight of reflection,
Speedcat Hollydale spied a view from space,
Erina took a break.

Lewis explained how to start an Empire with little or no money,
Mike spent some time in Rushmore’s Shadows,
The Uncanny Broadcasting Brain taught about the Shadowy Moose,
Skittles called it quits. Maybe.

You gotta go, go, baby
Go far away, away away,
Go far away.
You ate my filet mignon.
Behind my back, baby,
Better run, run.

Rich Minx offered blogging music,
Chayna dogged on how to kill a blog,
Michael Kwan explained how to make 6 figures as a freelancer,
Jeanne got her PageRank.

Deborah went a-haunting,
Ann asked your life’s score,
Crystal hustled YouTube,
Rolando opened his wallet.

You run too slow, slow, baby
Can’t get away, no way, baby,
Can’t get away.
You could be ground round, baby
Ground round, ground round, baby,
Ground round, ground round.

Doug declares innovation dead,
Coolio Jones ground some inspiration,
BlueJar explained how to attract comments,
The Thought Sponge pondered common change.

Rantbits never really died,
Sabrina reached out to the talentless,
Corn Dog found a scary Elvis,
The Valley Girl took you through her day.

I told you so, so, baby
No get away, no way, baby,
Can’t get away.
Your ribs look tasty, baby
White meat, dark meat, baby,
Dried, smoked sausage.

Brent discovered fear in web commerce,
Director Tom had ten tips to create remarkable videos,
JD made a cat video so you don’t have to!
The Jersey Girl headed for Hershey Park (I’ve been there!)

Michelle played games in the city,
Rich declared Old Media dead,
Tips Supremo offered the top ten blogging tips,
Mike and “The New Girl” will appreciate these lyrics.

You brought me ground round, baby
Wrapped in butcher paper, baby
Ground round, ground round.
Now you are ground round, baby
Ground round, ground round, baby,
Ground round, ground round.

You know, I didn’t originally set out to make my first post of the year start out with cannibalism. Didn’t really intend for the lyrics to go that way either. It was just a natural, albeit scary, progression. But, if you watch this video, you’ll probably be in that same state of mind, no?

Anyway, here’s hoping for a happy and prosperous New Year for all! And, do you know what you’re supposed to eat for good luck on this day? That’s right. Sauerkraut.

And pork.

22 comments on “Ground Round
  1. Your creative way of spreading generous link love amazes me. Happy New Year!

  2. Doug says:

    One of these days, you need to explain to me the reasoning behind your link extravaganzas. Not that I’m complaining πŸ™‚

  3. Vic Grace says:

    Thanks for the link

  4. That’s a creative way to link to others and it’s an excellent example on thinking outside the box. How long did it take you to create this?

  5. pete says:

    I’m continually amazed at the amount of patience you have. This post would have taken me a few hours to write.

    For some reason, I can only envision the chorus being sung by a group of untrained amateurs, following a slow and dirty blues beat. Capping it off with the link to pork was genius. Pure genius.

  6. That’s incredible. Wow! Thanks for the luv!

  7. Mike says:

    I think i’ll ust create an automatic response to your posts any more that say ” thanks for the link”. I don’t think that I would have had the patience to sit down and write all of that. πŸ™‚

  8. Chanya says:

    Thanks so much for the link. This is a brilliant post and I’m glad I was included in yet another of your masterpieces.

  9. Speedcat says:

    HOW did you do that??? I don’t even remember that post!! Ha haa, good hat though.

    Thanks there my friend 8~)

    El` Speedio from Spacio

  10. Many thanks for the link πŸ™‚


    May you be great in 08!

    Corporate Filmmaker

  11. dcr says:

    Thanks! I worked on it off and on throughout the day.

  12. dcr says:

    Archive diving. πŸ˜‰

  13. keeyit says:

    happy new year to you

  14. Jon says:

    Amen.. i second that. You’re one to admire, dan. πŸ™‚

  15. Valley Girl says:

    Oooooo…I got a linky! Happy New Year!!!!

  16. You’re so creative and funny! While I’m certainly grateful for the mention (in such good company!) now I’m going to have that “You Spin Me Right Round” song going thru my head for the rest of the day! Oh, well, it beats singing the Pork Song (“swine sure tastes fine”!)

    Thanks, Dan, and Happy New Year!

  17. Lizeth says:


    happy new year, dan! πŸ™‚

  18. SF Girl says:

    This is splendid! You’re a ****ing genius, Dan! And you’ve started 2008 off with a bang! I’m gonna hafta link to this post and talk about it on my blog…I’ll have to come up with some kind of environmental flavor on cannibalism first, though, along with a refrain that includes DCR… hmmmm… may take a awhile…don’t hold your breath…or anything else, for that matter… πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year!

  19. A ****ing genius indeed. Now this song will be stuck in my head.

    Happy New Year and thanks for the link.

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