The Benefits of the Passage of Time

While there are certainly benefits to getting things done in an expedient manner, especially since time is literally running out, there are also benefits to waiting.

For example, my secret project (last mentioned here) has been made better (hopefully!) by the passage of time. For example, there was a particular story that I came up with that was a pretty good concept, I think. The story came out of current events and then I gave it a SciFi twist with a bit of a moral dilemma.

Originally, that was going to be a standalone story. It would contribute to character growth and, I had hoped, be a thought-provoking tale. Had I completed this whole project back in 2005, that’s all it would have been.

But now, with the passage of time, I think I have figured a way to work it into the overall storyline such that it is not a completely standalone story. The added benefit is that it will add to character growth, because once they learn how that one adventure fits in, it will have an effect on them. So, there will be the initial dilemma from their first experience, and then a follow-up impact later on. A nice, time-delayed double whammy!

And I think that’s a good thing. It brings the whole storyline into a tighter plot. Not that standalones are bad or anything, but it’s nice to have something that will payoff later.

Do you have any projects that have benefited from delays? Feel free to share them in the comments.

3 comments on “The Benefits of the Passage of Time
  1. I don’t know about my projects benefiting from delays. But I am currently writing a children’s novel that I want to be carefully crafted and not rushed and ready for the garbage heap. I’ll look forward to reading more about your project.

  2. pete says:

    My ideas of adding user contributed photos to the blog has taken a turn to a more social web thing. Not really, but instead of having user submissions, I’m trying to get an embedded Gallery2 installation set up with user logins. (If you ever notice “WPG2” in the top nav, that’s what it’s all about.) That way, people can add photos to their own profiles and I can select a photo of the week (based on my current mood of the week – lol) or something like that. So, I guess having procrastinated, er, allowed time to pass on this idea, I have gained clarity in my thoughts regarding user participation. Some ideas are like a fine wine – given time to age, they will go well with an exotic cheese.

    I’m dying to hear about this project you have, it sounds interesting.

  3. Phil says:

    Just when I started talking about NOT procrastinating here you go and want me to start?!?! I don’t have any examples of something that I delayed doing to make better but I wish you luck with your project.

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