Why Be Average When You Can Be Good Enough?

I wanted to put together another list of great links, but I really don’t feel like it. Instead, you’ll get this list of better than good links.

For some reason, Amazon.ca (the Canadian Amazon.com) doesn’t like this guy.

In his first video, expendable Doug explains all. Then, you can watch and see how iPods are made. Not born, mind you, just created.

In what may be another study of the obvious, researchers have determined that happiness may be good for your health.

This guy’s New Year’s Resolution is to give away his book. If your New Year’s Resolution is to receive free books, here you go! If you enjoy his book, maybe you ought to Stumble or digg his page to give him more publicity, or buy an actual copy.

Finally, make your own popcorn machine for a buck. What more can I say?

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