It’s 2008: Have You Updated Your Feed Footer?

If you’re using a plug-in, such as Feed Footer, to place a copyright notice or other note in your feed, have you updated it for the new year?

Since, for most of us, the date doesn’t update automatically, it is something you’ll need to manually update. Seven days into the new year, and I finally noticed it! This in spite of the fact that I do self-subscribe! Remember to carefully peruse your posts in the RSS reader, and don’t just skim through them, especially the copyright notice that you’re apt to overlook–after all, you put it there and you think you know what it should say!

Note to self: The line below should reflect the current year in the copyright notice in the RSS feed.

4 comments on “It’s 2008: Have You Updated Your Feed Footer?
  1. Hi, Dan. I read your article and franticly scrambled to check and make sure I was ’08 friendly… I use the Simple Feed Copyright plugin, and apparently it automatically updates your feed to the correct year. Whew!

  2. I use the following pluging

    Feed Copyrighter

    It works great!

    I have also added the Yahoo Ad for RSS Feed.

  3. Chanya says:

    Ruh row! I totally forgot about doing this. Thanks for the catch!

  4. Debo Hobo says:

    Excellent tip dude, thanks

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