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On January 3rd, I posted a little “What is This Blog All About?” contest offering PayPal dough to the winner, if any. Joanne missed out on this one.

The contest was, for those that don’t remember and don’t want to click the link to read the original post, to try to come up with a better description for my blog than what I am currently using, which is “dcrBlogs is a motivational blog that covers blogging, business and brain power, with an occasional bit of the great outdoors.”

Here were the entries:

“Dreams Come Real”
submitted by Terence Chang

“dcrBlogs focuses on blogging, business, and brain power—with a bit of the great outdoors thrown in for good measure. Drop by and be motivated, challenged, inspired, entertained, and informed.”
submitted by Jeanne Dininni

“dcrBlogs motivates readers to believe, act, and achieve by looking at life with wit, wisdom, and engaging creativity.”
submitted by Lillie Ammann

First, I’d like to thank everyone for entering. In fact, everyone who entered is getting an award:

Brad the Blog Bee Award
The Good Buzzz Blog Award

Brad the Blog Bee lives in Polliwog’s Pond and was created by Mike Wheeler at Things by Mike. The Good Buzzz Blog Award is for “for blogs that have generated a happy hum in the blogosphere. Whether it be for their blog in general, one outstanding, unusual or controversial post, or for something cool the blogger has done. Or even for recognizing some promising, brand-new blogs.” This award was given to me back in November 28, 2007 by Ann of A Nice Place in the Sun.

In addition to maintaining outstanding blogs, the three contestants also did something cool by participating in this contest. I think it’s cool anyway, and since I am now the awards presenter, it’s my opinion that counts!

So, Brad the Blog Bee is heading on over to Terence, Jeanne and Lillie.

So, now on to the entries once again, and we shall see who, if anyone, is the winning author of my new (maybe) blog description!

First, there was “Dreams Come Real” by Terence Chang. I really liked this one. A lot. I like how Terence used my initials and created something with them that really identified the blog. I really, really like it. But, I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it yet. If I had achieved my goal or a significant benchmark thereof, I would feel a lot more comfortable using it. Maybe a year from now, we can revisit this contest and see if Terence can be redeclared a winner then!

The second entry was “dcrBlogs focuses on blogging, business, and brain power—with a bit of the great outdoors thrown in for good measure. Drop by and be motivated, challenged, inspired, entertained, and informed.” by Jeanne Dininni. I like this one too. It includes everything I wanted to include, plus it has a nice call to action in inviting people to “Drop by….” But, it invites people to “be motivated, challenged, inspired, entertained, and informed.” That’s good, but it’s five words, five things, and while all of the five are great, I just think maybe it’s a bit too lengthy and not as easy to remember. Not that you need people to remember your description, but I think it needs to have some memorable quality to it.

The third entry was “dcrBlogs motivates readers to believe, act, and achieve by looking at life with wit, wisdom, and engaging creativity.” by Lillie Ammann. I like this one a bunch as well. I like how it includes BAA! as part of the description. Perhaps a bit repetitious, as I have early this year changed the title of my blog from simply “dcr Blogs dot Com” to “Believe. Act. Achieve! – dcr Blogs dot Com.” BAA originated back in this post, where it was, more or less, a one-off line. But, then Joanne found it quote-worthy, so I decided I ought to do more with it. It evolved from “Believe. Act. Achieve.” to “Believe. Act. Achieve!” Anyway, so I like that bit. Plus, thereafter follows “by looking at life with wit, wisdom, and engaging creativity,” which is good because it hits that beat of three.

Three things are supposedly easy for people to remember. Actually, if I remember right, it’s a beat of four: one thing, second thing, third thing, nothing. The fourth beat, nothing, is where you remember it. Add an actual fourth thing, and you’ll mess with people’s memories. They’ll forget where they live or something. Not really, but they will be less likely to remember what you wanted them to. It’s like the Om. Most people think of it as just two sounds, the “o” and the “m,” but actually it’s four sounds. You start with “a” as in “ah,” second is the “u” as in “oooh,” third is the “m” sound and fourth is the silence. It’s actually a full circle, with “ah” starting in the back of the mouth, “oooh” in the middle, “m” on the lips (front) and then the silence which completes the circle and lets you start again. Yes, I learned that all from Joseph Campbell.

There, you learned something new today.

Anyway, at this point, identifying the winning entry is probably not so tough. But, we need some ado, right?

Drumroll please…

[imagine drumroll here]

The winner is Lillie Ammann!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

Believe. Act. Achieve!

8 comments on “What You Think This Blog is All About
  1. Congrats to Lillie for winning this one! I liked her entry, as well!

    And thanks, Dan, for the Good Buzzz Blog Award! My entry did “feel” a bit “long” to me, also. (I always know I should follow my first intuition, yet rarely do.) I’m now thinking it might have been just right had I left out “informed”–but, of course, we detail-oriented types always have to try to cover all bases! LOL!

    Thanks again! It was fun!

  2. Hahah .. Congrats to Lillie from Terence Chang too.

    This is very interesting. I will definitely come back to win the contest. Hey! Dan. Don’t disappoint me. You’d better work harder and smarter. I would love to see your new blog title. “Dream Come Real”

    I am glad that you like it.

  3. dcr says:

    Thanks again for entering!

    I have already written a blog post for next year, and scheduled it! It will serve as a reminder to revisit this a year from now, and it should be interesting to see what has happened in that year. I certainly hope that you will be named the winner next year!

  4. dcr says:

    Thanks again for entering.

    As I mentioned, I really liked all three entries. And, you had the call to action, which was a plus. But, in order to pick a winner, I had to get nit-picky!

  5. Thanks for selecting my description as the winner, especially considering the other excellent entries. I, too, hope that by next year you will feel comfortable with Terence’s description because your own dream became real!

    And thanks for the Good Buzzz Blog Award.

  6. Jon says:

    Waiiiiitttt a second… What happened to my entry? Surely, had you read it, it would have won! THIS THING IS RIGGED!!!! I’m really miffed. Dan, I mean, wth?

  7. Jon says:

    Oh yeah… i never actually submitted an entry, but HAD i submitted it and HAD you read it, surely it would have won… In theory..

    Not only that, come to think of it, you should have intuited that I would have sent an entry in, were I able, and just forwarded the cash prize having never even held the contest. . .

    . . . what’s wrong with you?

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