50 of the World’s Greatest Blogging Links

Lists will get you popular, they say. Everyone loves a good list, they say. Lists are short and sweet and easy to read.

Well, you know I don’t do things like everyone else. So, here is a list. But, it’s not short. I’m posting it today, because the weekend won’t give you enough time to finish them all. Probably. So, you can get a head start by starting your reading now.

Anyway, without much further ado, I hereby present to you 50 of the World’s Greatest Blogging Links, in which I’ve also shamelessly included some of my own.

  1. 3 Keys to Successful Blogs – What? You were expecting a summary here? It’s only three things! Read the post!
  2. 3 Tips for Better Proofreading – What? Again you were expecting a summary? Three things! Don’t make me come over there!
  3. 3 Ways to Keep Blogging from Killing Your Business – Come on. You’re killing me here. It’s just three things. How much of a summary do you want?
  4. 5 Items Your Blog Sidebar Must Have – That’s just two more than three. Still a quick read!
  5. 7 Things You Need to Be a Pro-Blogger – By the way, Chris and other bloggers, when you change your permalink structure, you should look into using 301 redirects so that this will go here instead of here.
  6. 7 Ways Blogging is Like Marriage – Republicans are already gathering signatures to ban blog marriages.
  7. 10 Articles All Bloggers Should Read at Least Once – But they’re not included in my list, so that’s a bonus 10 links for you to read!
  8. 10 Blogging Links You Should Never Lose – Now we’re up to 70 links for you to check out! I told you it would take more than a weekend.
  9. 10 Ways to Turn a Website Into a Smashing Hit – #7 Don’t give up! There, now you just have to read the other nine. How do you like that for a summary?
  10. 12 Secrets of Reader Friendly Blog Content – Because 10 just wasn’t enough.
  11. 35 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Your RSS SubscribersGuaranteed! Or what? Your money back? Wait, you didn’t pay anything…
  12. 99 Headline Techniques Revealed – #100: Use “naked” in your title.
  13. Are You a Self-Subscriber? – Sometimes I just hate writing summaries.
  14. Are You Singing Alone on Your Entrepreneur Journey? – Some people have to sing alone. Some shouldn’t sing at all. Have you seen American Idol?
  15. 3 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague – Ha! You thought they were all alphabetical order, didn’t you?
  16. Advice from the Pro Bloggers that Will Make You Fail at Blogging – I warned you I was shamelessly including my own posts.
  17. Be Ubiquitous – Like Joanne, you too could be everywhere. Though not so much anymore for Joanne, but the article still applies.
  18. Blogging Basics 101 – Ha! Fooled you. It’s not just a post–it’s a whole site. Have fun reading!
  19. Can Poor Writing Skills Overshadow Good Content? – Whel uf kors not! Dunt be cillie. O, wayte. Ritin skilz, not spelin.
  20. Demystifying “Above the Fold” – Found by way of Guy Kawasaki.
  21. Earn Money Online Just by Showing Up – I show up here nearly everyday. Gimme my money!
  22. Everything I Learned in Kindergarten Applies to Blogging – But there’s no slot for an apple in my computer. Oh, wait, this computer is an Apple. Kindergarten. School. Apples for the teacher. Apple Computers. Don’t make me explain this stuff. It ruins it.
  23. How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months! – And you thought John Chow was da bomb!
  24. How to Act Creepy – Can you believe there are actually Google searches for this kind of thing?
  25. How to Build 22,938 Links to Your Blog – What if I wanted 25,000 links? Why can’t I get those other 2,062 links?
  26. How to Make $1,000,000 Blogging – This had some early high traffic, but quickly panned out.
  27. How to Make Your Blog Printer Friendly – This summary is a part of the Federal Witness Protection program so I cannot reveal it.
  28. How to Recruit High Quality Guest Bloggers – Must. Learn. To. Handle. Rejection. She said she was busy. I think she reads my blog and wanted no part of it.
  29. How to Write Posts that Set StumbleUpon on Fire – I jest.
  30. Introduction to Keyword Sniping – The last comment was in reference to the previous comment, just like this comment is in reference to that last comment. Do try to keep up, will you?
  31. Lessons from Tower Defense on How to Reinvent Your Blog – You see, after a while, I completely lose all interest in caring whether or not my comments have anything to do with the link. You don’t read them anyway. You just click the link and ignore anything written after it, don’t you?
  32. My Ultimate List of WordPress Plugins – No, not mine.
  33. Networking Tips from the White House – Just don’t let Bill campaign on your behalf. He forgets who’s running.
  34. Networking with Bloggers – “Lower” Your Sights and You Could Benefit More – The previous two comments did actually relate to the link.
  35. Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers from Original Blogger Jorn Barger – The last comment didn’t, though. Oh, and neither does this one.
  36. What is a Permalink and Why Do I Need It? – I know you are but what am I?
  37. Personalise Default WordPress Messages to Stand Out from the Crowd – I love long titles but this one doesn’t evoke anything. Just kind of plain and says what it means.
  38. Proofread Your Comments – Now y wuld u want too doo dat?
  39. Should You Use Your Name as Your Domain? – You try putting together 50 things in a list and not get slap-happy by the end of it.
  40. Six Reasons Why You Need a Full Feed RSS – What? You think I should be more serious? I’m giving you good links here! Who cares about my summary? Oh, it’s all about the summary, is it? You can’t figure out from the title what the post is about? I mean, seriously.
  41. The Life Cycle of a Blog Post, From Servers to Spiders to Suits — to You – I think sometimes the “big guys” just give us advice so that we sit here spinning our wheels while they rake in the big bucks.
  42. The Topics and Subtopics of Your Blog – You see, while they’re telling us write, write, write, they’re out there making their money probably with MFA and cheaply made affiliate sites.
  43. The Ultimate Guide to Networking with Bloggers – Oh, yeah, and they’ll tell us SEO, SEO, SEO for traffic while they’re out there maxing out their credit cards on AdWords.
  44. Three Things Bloggers Can Learn from Ron Paul – Want to be a millionaire? First, you start out with a billion dollars. Next, you open an account with Google AdWords…
  45. Tipjoy – A Better Tip Jar for Content – If you’re lucky, maybe one of the top bloggers will drop a quarter in your jar. A whole quarter! You can’t even buy a quart of gas for a quarter.
  46. Understanding Search Engine Penalties – At which point did this list become cynical?
  47. Using the Timestamp Feature in WordPress – I think I made it past the halfway point, at least.
  48. What Makes a Quality Post? – The last comment was in reference to the point at which the list grew cynical, not to the point of the list we’ve reached. Try to keep up, please.
  49. What You Can Take – I guess my entries wouldn’t have been so low on the list had I used alphabetically superior words to open my titles.
  50. WordPress Plugins and When NOT to Use Them – This one was quite popular for a time. Then, they’ll read something like this, and never come back.

There you go. Fifty of the World’s Greatest Blogging Links, with a healthy (or unhealthy?) dose of cynicism thrown in because I have a short little span of attention, got a short little span of attention, and whoa my nights are so long…

P.S. Here is a late addition: “9 Tips to Start Blogging Successfully.” So, there you go again. That makes 51 of the World’s Greatest Blogging Links.

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  1. Debo Hobo says:

    WOW, well now I know what I’ll be studying this weekend. Thanks alot. 🙂

  2. dcr says:

    I did give you a head start. 😉

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