Steampunk Saturday

As in steampunk, not Steampunk.

At any rate, I’ve heard of steampunk before, but not paid much attention to it. I did like The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. when it was on the air. But, beyond the works of fiction, what caught my eye was the design aspects. Perhaps you’ll see something partially steampunk-inspired in the future. It’s not terribly unlike designing retro future technology for my Lemurian Dawn series.

First, let’s take a look at the Apple IIgs laptop modification done by Benjamin J. Heckendorn. Okay, so it’s not steampunk, but he did try to make it look as though it was a laptop that was actually made in the 1980’s (even though it does have design elements not used by Apple until more recent laptops), so it’s only off by about 100 years for steampunk. (The original PowerBooks looked nothing like the clam-shell era iBooks.)

That brings us to (like my segues?) Dave Veloz’s Mac Mini Mod, Monitor and Keyboard, which is definitely steampunk in design. You can read more details on the keyboard mod here.

I didn’t see a mouse in that setup, but I imagine it may have looked something like this.

Even the Russians enjoy steampunk, as you can tell from this Russian-built steampunk computer.

Of course, in the good ol’ USA, we built the real thing for the 1890 census.

If you enjoy steampunk design, you can search Google for different things, or checkout Steampunk Magazine.

And, too, keep your browser pointed at my blog, ’cause you never know what might show up…

Lantern 0080

One comment on “Steampunk Saturday
  1. pete says:

    Steampunk is cool, but some of the designs I’ve seen go way overboard. Maybe that’s the point, I dunno.

    BTW, I finally figured out the whole Lemurian Dawn thing, but I’m waiting to actually hear what you plan to do with the site.

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