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Creepy Ways People Find My Blog

They’re not all creepy, but the first one is, and that just spoils the rest of them.

So, here we go…

kids new underwear and swimwear photos
This one is very, very creepy. Sure, it could be parents looking for the latest in underwear and swimwear fashions for their kids, but the addition of “photos” in the search keywords pushes it into the creepiness zone. I’m at #39 for this term. Thankfully, I am not #1.

how to make 1000000$ easily
Apparently, I was in the top ten for this one, but have since dropped to #12.

how to attract chicks
Currently at #9. It’s a bummer no one buys the “Hot Naked Chicks” apron. Chicks dig it!

how to attract hot people
#1. Yeah, baby, yeah. Bummer no one buys the “Hot Naked Chicks” apron. Chicks dig it!

how to attract chicks
#9. I ought to just start a blog on attracting women. But, still, no one will probably buy the “Hot Naked Chicks” apron, even though chicks dig it.

Imagine Believe Act Achieve
#4. :-)

believe act achieve
#1. :-)

dream achieve believe pics
#3. But what kind of pics do you suppose they were looking for?

I don’t get it. The post doesn’t even use the word.

making money offline
No conversions though.

subcutaneous fluids wholesale
Currently #13, but I was apparently in the top ten at one point.

pictures of guys in their underwear
#5. I told you this one would boost my rankings.

ads underwear models men pictures
Apparently, I was in the top ten for this too, but have since dropped to number 14. Perhaps it’s time for another picture?

nude illustrations of women fighting women
Apparently, I was at number eighty-something, but now I’m not there at all.

men in their underwear
Was in the top ten, but now #12. Who do you suppose is doing the searches on this one?

strange ebay auctions
#9. C’mon people. We can do better than that! Link me up!

selling weird stuff blog
#4. There, that’s better. See, it wasn’t so hard, was it?

how to start a used panty selling website
Was at number twenty-something. Now, too far down to keep looking. So, very, very disturbing…

women baking naked
Was in the top ten, now nowhere to be found.

hot naked ladies
Was at number forty-something, now at #51.

women bare all
Was thirty-something, now at #44.

round ground song
Well, close. It was the “Ground Round” song. But, #2 for “round ground song” isn’t anything to sneeze at, especially in the bowl.

how to act creepy
People still want lessons, and I’m at number 1, so guess where they go. If you guessed #7, I’m guessing you’re probably right.

So, that’s how people (maybe even you) found me.

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Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-05-04 00:54:21

Actually it was I that told you pictures of men in their underwear would
boost your ratings, that is because the nekkid chick in their undies market
is saturated.

I believe even my Grandma has a sex tape out now.

You know who I think is sexy? Mr. Rogers! I mean GROWWLLL, too bad he’s still not alive.

Comment by dcr
2008-05-04 23:17:01

I’m already at #39 for this post for “act creepy to her“. Where do people come up with these keywords?

Comment by baldeagle
2008-05-04 14:01:16

Well, you’ve made pretty sure that more will find you that way now! I only recently started using the analytics (should have been doing it a long time ago). The keywords really make you think about what words you use when you’re posting.

Comment by Erina Hart
2008-05-05 23:25:48

That first one is terrifying.

That is all.

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