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Do You Own Your Blogging Niche?

Do people immediately think of you whenever they spot an article covering something in your niche?

Case in point: “Bacon mania.”

Okay, who was the first blogger you thought of when you saw that headline? I’m betting it was this guy, wasn’t it?

MrBaconpants owns his niche, or at least is on the verge of owning his niche, if he can stay away from posts like this or this, which have little or nothing to do with bacon.

By the way, would dogs know that this isn’t real bacon?

Anyway, if people immediately think of you when they see something in your niche, then you know either you own your niche or you’re on the verge of doing so. Either that, or your readers don’t get out much, but let’s not think negatively here.

Unfortunately for me, my readers (i.e., you) only think of me when they come across something creepy.

And that creeps me out…

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Comment by pete
2008-07-10 07:33:31

Oh, come now Dan, there are plenty of times I think of you. Yes, coming across something creepy is one of those times, but so is when, uh…well, you know, uh….


…hey, creepy isn’t that bad! Look at Vincent Price! He made a huge resurgence with that Thriller thing. Yeah, Michael Jackson hooked him up, and he’s creepy! (Micahel Jackson more so than Vincent Price, but you know what I mean.) ;)

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-07-10 09:34:56

That’s funny because I have used the word creepy in a comment or two on your blog. Hmm I guess creepy and off beat would be two words that would cause me to think about your blog.

Gosh, that’s creepy! :)

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-07-10 11:09:07

I own my blogging niche and you know it…
you saw what happened when you tried to take over it.


Bobby get me the scissors please…

Comment by Bobby Revell
2008-07-12 08:50:54

I’ll send you my affiliate link so you can buy a great pair from me :mrgreen:

Comment by Jason Mosley
2008-07-10 14:05:14

Bacon is not my niche, I like to think of it as a theme. ;)

Also I think Michelle is creepier then you… but then again that winking gif you have in your header does give me the creeps!

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-07-10 21:18:53

Oh now- Mr. Baconpants…

So do you just hate me or is it because of this…


I am so sad now! :0(

Comment by Jason Mosley
2008-07-10 21:41:35


“I would figure that Hillary likes Bacon, I am sure she has many a night with Bill and the edible bacon panties. I mean that boy is always eating!!! They are such a cute couple.”

For putting the yummy and nasty image in my head I will always hate you.

Just kidding, I could never hate my favorite Wisconsiner!

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-07-11 00:35:56

@ Mr. Bacon Pants
Did you just call me a “Wisonsiner?” I’ll have you know I am not native- I only live in here…

So let’s get this straight Mr. Baco Bits you think that
Hillary is yummy
edible bacon panties are nasty?

Boy do you have problems… and I thought you were a nice boy with your yummy bacon blog and all. You need help son and you ain’t going to get on Mr. Creepy Pants blog. ;0)

@Dan- Mistur Beggin Strips Pants n’ scaree bloggur gurl iz on ur blog makin it NFSW. ;0)

Comment by MrBaconpants
2008-07-11 08:38:30

I thought Wisonsiner ment creepy bacon loving women. I didnt know it depended on where you were from.

Comment by dcr
2008-07-11 09:16:24

Not For Safe Work?

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-07-11 17:50:54

If I used a spell checker – I wouldn’t look like such a drunk or maybe not.

@ BP – Wisconsinites and Illinoisans hate each other-
there are border feuds that make the Hatfield/McCoy feud look tame. I am not sure how it all got started. My Dad said it stems from Chicago blaming Milwaukee and Gary Indiana for polluting Lake Michigan. Others say it has to do with the Packers/Bears. Some blame the drivers from Illinois – they are notorious speeders. Old timers say it has to do with dairy… did you know that at one time it was illegal to have margarine in Wisconsin. Seriously- I have neighbors that said when they were kids they drove to Illinois to get illegal margarine for baking.

I was born on the South side of Chicago- I am just up here as an infiltrator trying to bring down the Cheese head state before they take over with their Yupper ways and secede to their Motherland- CANADA!

@ Dan – blogging is not for safe work.. it’s hazardous

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