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First Test Post After Upgrade

Well, let’s see how this goes…

Yay! I can actually upload images.

On the downside, the plugin I wrote for putting the Hot Blogs in the sidebar isn’t quite happy with the upgrade. The two just don’t get along, which is why you don’t see any Hot Blogs in the sidebar right now. On the plus side, my other plugin is still working, so those Hot Blogs are still in rotation at the top of the page.

I also had to disable the Popularity Contest plugin. I was kind of waiting on it before upgrading, but it’s beginning to look as though it’s never going to get upgraded (hasn’t been touched apparently since last year) and I decided I really don’t need it anyway. So, I just moved along without it!

Hopefully nothing else is broken that I haven’t noticed yet. It would be hard to downgrade once I’ve gotten a few more posts up and comments in.

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Comment by teeni
2008-08-23 20:02:57

Stop goofing off over here and get to telling us what the batteries and wires were for. ;)

Comment by dcr
2008-08-23 21:21:19

Impatient much? ;-)

Comment by teeni
2008-08-23 21:15:07

And thanks for the Stumble buddy! That was cool to see a post get so many hits. :)

Comment by dcr
2008-08-23 21:21:59

I wasn’t the first to Stumble it. ;-) I just stumbled it tonight, so that should get you some additional hits.

Comment by teeni
2008-08-23 22:06:20

Yes, I am very impatient. Waiting is always torture for me. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that. You seem like you could be the type to misuse that type of information. ;)

Comment by dcr
2008-08-23 23:50:34


2008-08-23 23:29:30

I understood the plugin part, but that’s about it. Did you go 2.0???

Comment by dcr
2008-08-23 23:51:28

Yes, we’re completely Web 2.0 now. I think that means you can leave comments now, just like you could before but now even better. They’re shinier, but you have to have a newer monitor to appreciate it.

Comment by Lyndon
2008-08-23 23:40:32

It’s interesting most blogs get upgraded on the weekends; I was doing the same thing today :)

At least I didn’t have any plugin troubles like you. Too bad about Popularity Contest, it’s a pretty cool plugin.

Comment by dcr
2008-08-23 23:54:53

I do upgrades at random times. ;-) But, I do try for times when traffic is likely to be down. On most of my other blogs, that means I can pretty much upgrade at any time of the day or any day of the week. ;-) I do try for weekends for this blog.

Do you use Akismet? Seems something is off with it. It’s blocking spam comments, but when I tried to have it delete all the spam comments, it moved some comments out of moderation and into spam, but wouldn’t delete any of the spam comments. Tried two or three more times, and it would never clear out the old spam. Maybe I should have deleted it all before upgrading but didn’t think of it.

Comment by JD at I Do Things
2008-08-24 14:53:44

Upgrades are scary. I’m glad yours went pretty well. You’re a smart guy — you can figure out how to get Popularity back, right?

Comment by dcr
2008-08-25 23:56:15

I can’t figure out how to get my own plugin working. :-( I had the plugin fixed, but the upgrade caused it to revert to the behavior it had before it was fixed! I might have to try unfixing it, but I’m betting both the original and the fixed version won’t work on the upgraded WP.

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