On Gossamer Wings, The Moon’s Fluttering Beauty

Deftly combining Pete‘s negative week with his distrustful brain, here you can see the adult Luna Moth, perched on a black walnut tree, possibly in search of a mate. Negative above, positive below.

13 comments on “On Gossamer Wings, The Moon’s Fluttering Beauty
  1. pete says:

    Very nice, I like the two effects next to each other. That negative one is crazy. And thanks for promoting the new blog. 🙂

  2. teeni says:

    Pretty cool, Dan! I like the negative and positive of these two together. You picked a good subject for the effect.

  3. dcr says:

    Looks kind of evil-ish in negative, doesn’t it?

  4. dcr says:

    Thanks! And, I’d like to apologize in advance for the tragedy that befell your meez.

  5. I just saw one fly by my keyboard …. SHAZAM!!

  6. teeni says:

    What tragedy? You mean because she was seeing stars? LOL. Right now she’s holding a present. She doesn’t usually stay still for too long.

  7. dcr says:

    Are you sure you didn’t see the rare Luna Chicken?

  8. dcr says:

    Well, she was seeing a lot more than stars. She stuck it out longer than expected, but it had to be done. Sorry. I’ll post it soon. Very sad.

  9. Mike Goad says:

    Nice images, nice contrast to see both pos and neg.

  10. This gave me an idea fora scrap book page. I think it all depends on the picture on how will it will look- I imagine that some do not look like much of anything.

  11. dcr says:

    Thanks. I could animate them, but that’s rather annoying. When I was saving some of my old videos to my computer, I had a few videos where I had switched back and forth rapidly between the normal and negative image. That was my “nuke” effect. Seemed pretty cool when I first got my video camera, but it’s pretty annoying to watch now! I was able to go in and undo the “nuke” effect, except for the transitional frames where you have to go in and manually select every other line in order to correct it. I didn’t go through that for all the transitional frames. Maybe someday.

  12. dcr says:

    I can imagine your grandchildren’s faces years from now, looking through your scrapbook…

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