Fattening My Blogging Empire

You may have noticed I have not been blogging as often in the past week or two. There have been many days where I’ve only fired off a single post, and several of those were just pictures. And, I’ve been running behind on posting some of the things I keep promising, such as what was in that box from Michael Kwan, what the mystery item is, and what tragedy befell Teeni‘s meez. And, I’ve also been nominated for an award by Ann and tagged for a meme by Sabrina, both of which I’ll cover in future posts.

Well, I have been busy.

You may have wondered about two of my recent posts on weight loss this month. First, there was “Carrying a Heavy Burden, or Thoughts on the So-Called Obesity “Epidemic”” and then “Slimming Down to Fatten Your Wallet.” In both of those, I snuck in a link to a weight loss site. Nope, those weren’t paid links. Not at all.

I own that site, and that was my sneaky way of building some backlinks to it. I had purchased the website, which was a ready-to-go website and not a site that had already been running. It’s what is often referred to as a cookie-cutter site. The creator only sold a limited number of them.

It was up to me to find a domain name and get it up and running, which I did. The original site was done in straight HTML. After about a week, I decided that, in order to make future updates easier, I’d convert it to PHP. Then, I could make use of include files so that stuff like the navigation sidebar could be updated from include file, rather than have to update each page separately as I would have to do with HTML.

I did some promotion of it, but really didn’t get anywhere with it. I decided that I really needed to make it my own. So, over the weekend, I went whole hog on it and did quite a revamp. If you happened to take a peek at it before, which I doubt since it never had many page views, it’s different now. It still has some of the feel of the original design, but it’s much of my own thing now.

I’ve been keeping it updated, even though I haven’t officially announced it. I was finalizing some things on it and now I feel it’s ready for its “official” launch: Weight Loss Assistance Center dot Com.

As you can see, the Top Commentators spots are wide open!

Also, you’ll note the blogs listed at the top. If you have a health or fitness related blog and would like to be listed there, please let me know. You’ll have to link back to me in some fashion. Some of the blogs listed there currently are just placeholders. Any of them that are not health or fitness related will be removed as I get new links in!

Feel free, of course, to jump in with your thoughtful comments!

10 comments on “Fattening My Blogging Empire
  1. Mike Goad says:

    Good luck on it. I hope it works out for ya!

  2. Looks great, Dan! I’ll be visiting. That’s a topic rather close to my heart.

  3. dcr says:

    Thanks! You’ll recognize one of the products on there. 😉

  4. I hope Elvis haunts your “sorry anti-fat folks” butt- alittle meat on the bones never hurt anyone! Now that I am plus sized I am going to run an anti weight loss blog in direct competition to yours. Complete with sexy pictures of Elvis and me all bloated and eating fried foods.

    Besides if you click through all the links on your sites don’t you get to a site where they show pictures of things people should not be looking at like- say things that should be flushed. Those are not nice pictures…

    BTW- when did you get a blogging empire?

  5. dcr says:

    You can call your blog “Elvis and Me” and be the blogosphere’s Michael Moore. Get yourself a Flip video camera, head down to Graceland, and film away. You can get in a big fight with Priscilla, and that will no doubt go viral. Just make sure you manage to keep the Flip filming as you’re handcuffed. You’ll probably have a tough time smuggling it in for the Jailhouse scenes, though.

    Yes, but in order to flush them, you need to get them out first, right?

    Well, while you’ve been off doing stuff like feeding your kids, I’ve been building a blogging empire! Much more work for less money, which is why I need to call it an empire as some measure of compensation. 😉

  6. I am sending you a link- I want your opinion on- let me know what you think???

  7. Good for you, Dan! Hope all goes well for you there!

  8. teeni says:

    I apologize – I thought I had already commented here. I need to stop sleep-blogging because I think I dream half the stuff I read and comment on. Anyway, I didn’t know you were so concerned about my little old Meez. I’m starting to worry about you, Dan. LOL. I checked out your weight loss site but I didn’t comment over there yet. I should go nab one of the top commentator spots. I like those. It’s the one thing I’m really, really good at (when not sleep-blogging, that is)!

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