The Tila Tequila is Naked eBook, or Wherein I Rant About Comment Spam

You may remember last month that I wrote about the value of eBooks.

Well, a comment spammer thought that post would be a good place to put a link for a website where Tila Tequila is naked. I don’t know if that’s what the website was really about; and I didn’t care to check it out. I’m sure I’d be disappointed either way.

Akismet didn’t catch this one, but moderation did. So, that comment has now been marked as spam, so hopefully Akismet will learn from its mistake!

So, now, the Tila Tequila naked link can take its place among the health insurance quotes, homeowners insurance links and links to car insurance offers. How about some cheap auto quotes? Would you like those? Maybe you’d prefer gambling with the money you’d otherwise use to pay your health insurance premiums?

Thanks to Akismet, you don’t have to hear about any of them in the comments on my blog! Nor will you hear about odd parents that are naked. Or malevolent attorneys. Or hairy girl videos? Seriously? Unmandated outspeakers? What on earth are those? Or bizarre things in unspeakable places; thank goodness those don’t get through!

Jenny McCarthy’s haircut. Really? Would someone really click on that link?

Apparently, quite a few people enjoy browsing through my “well-structured site.” Okay. Thanks.

By the way, if you experience gracefulness, apparently there is medication for that.

Another comment would have taken you to a place where Jenny Gets Naked or where Jenny Get Snaked; hard to tell when the words are all crammed together, but I’m guessing the link would have been NSFW either way.

What the heck are Viagra treadmills? Do we even want to know? They’d never advertise the Total Gym like that; Chuck Norris doesn’t get spam, he gets the spammers! But, no one’s guarding the treadmills, I guess.

Who wants some Hannah Montana coloring pages? Judging by some of Miley Cyrus’ photos, I’m not sure that coloring book would be appropriate for kids!

Here’s one… Kari Byron Mythbusters nude. But, just who is it that’s nude? I’m not sure if anyone wants to see Jamie and Adam nude.

Anyone out there need to acidize their foreboots? Anyone need an accustoming Vicodin picture? How about a chemical structure Cialis treadmill? Need to hire some pharmacology mathematicians? Taking “Vicodin for fun distinctions”? What is the matter with people these days?

Honda. Honda this. Honda that. Does this look like a Honda blog? I ask you, does it?

Warning! Warning! Apparently there is an unprotected doctor in Columbus, Ohio. What does that mean?

Some people don’t have anything to say right now, but they manage to type a page of links thereafter.

I think I liked it better when all they were pushing were health insurance quotes. That’s relatively mild compared to everything else; plus it at least makes sense. I’m really still not sure who has a need to acidize their foreboots.

Haven’t had enough funny spam? Check out Pete‘s “The Life of Britney Spears, According to Spammers.”

9 comments on “The Tila Tequila is Naked eBook, or Wherein I Rant About Comment Spam
  1. I only get spam from Hormel in “Austin” Minnesota … just south of my blog 🙂

  2. Thank god for spam. Now I finally know how to make my own Vicodin.

    My favorite? Eel sex. Where else would I learn about that?

  3. dcr says:

    The Discovery Channel.

  4. dcr says:

    But do you ever have spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam? Or do you prefer to stick with spam spam spam spam spam spam spam beaked beans spam spam spam and spam?

  5. Dan,

    I recently came across a link for a website called “womenstalk.” What do you think it stood for? I thought (as I believe most people probably would) that the site was called “Women’s Talk.” But, I was wrong. If you can believe it, the site’s actual name is “Women Stalk.” Go figure.


  6. Correction: The site’s name was actually “All Women Stalk” (emphasis added), and thus the link contained the string “allwomenstalk,” which I, of course, took to mean “All Women’s Talk.” (It made perfect sense, right? At least, I thought so at the time.)

  7. dcr says:

    You know what though, you just never know how these things may work out. It may get attention for one thing! And be memorable.

    I have a site (which needs to be relaunched) that was originally, originally intended as a parody of sorts, and so I never worried about the domain name. Before it launched, I changed that and made it a little more serious. I figured the larger audience would be men, and that the domain name would actually turn away women readers. Later, I even got a second domain name that was more “friendly” but that never really took off. I think I may have had more female readers than men, as the pages with the highest views were those written for the women.

    So you just never know.

  8. I think you’re right, Dan. The site I mentioned does seem to be rather proud of its name. (It’s a beauty, fashion, celebrity, and wellness-type site, by the way.) In fact, in an ad posted to one of the writing job boards recently, the site required that its ideal candidate “stalk” one or more of the topics covered on the site. So, it’s name and branding are quite deliberate.

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