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More UFO Animations

No questions for today. There are still plenty of opportunities for people to enter with the existing questions, as there still has only been a handful of participants. So, there’s still plenty of opportunity to win, if you’ve not already entered my current drawing. Right now, the potential prize is $28.86.

This Thanksgiving weekend, aside from putting up Christmas decorations, I’ve also spent some time with my 3D software, modeling, texturing and animating. The video below has three clips in one.

The first clip is just a straight at the camera shot. This was my first test, in which I was seeing how the textures worked. For those of you not familiar with 3D, textures refers to the “painting” of the model. You’ve probably noticed how many of my previous models were in a single color. Adding a texture is something like wrapping a car in those body wraps with an ad or something. Note how this ship is in a single color and this ship is multi-colored. The first example is just shaded, which means it’s typically a single color, though some shaders can be more complex and give different appearances such as marble grain, cloudy, rocky, etc. The second example has a texture, albeit a very simple one which could have been accomplished with certain shaders. But, specific detailing is not possible with a shader. For example, with a shader you could not put the ship’s name on it. With a texture, you can. Does that make sense? Anyway, at about 0:07 into the video, you can see the ship’s name. Mind you, the original video looks better–something wacky happened when I uploaded it to YouTube. It might have something to do with my uploading the video as an MPEG-4 instead of the usual format I use.

The second clip (all in the same video) has a space station and the same ship as the first clip. The space station has no texture, and is just shaded with a basic metal shader. I was focusing on the motion in this clip. The space ship still isn’t very realistic in movement just yet, but the rotation of the space station, which is just something I thought of doing at the last minute, really turned out great.

The third clip has the Earth and a modified version of the space ship. It’s the same saucer, but I added more of a body, which turned out looking more Star Trek-y than I had intended, but I wasn’t going to tweak it much further. My goal was motion and textures here, so uniqueness of the space ship isn’t a priority for that. Only the saucer section is really textured. Truthfully, it is all textured, but the body just has a single color texture as I didn’t want to spend too much time texturing the whole thing. I think the motion, in as far as the speed is concerned, is better here, but, of course, the motion of the ship itself, moving side to side instead of the way you would expect it to move, isn’t right at all.

One thing which you don’t see clearly in any of the clips is the bottom of the saucer section. I have a still image below. I think this part turned out pretty neat. I had it looking even better, but then it sort of messed up the body of the ship. So, there’s more learning to be done there! Still, it’s a pretty cool shot.

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Comment by teeni
2008-11-30 14:03:26

Very cool. I am impressed. And yes, that last photo looks like the space ship is ready to beam someone aboard (willingly or otherwise). :shock:

Comment by MacBros
2008-12-01 13:25:57

Good job!

I have a suggestion. You can take it as constructive I suppose. But the plating should be more uneven. You should combine large and small squares to break up the appearance of perfect cemetery.

In real life situations that ship would break apart into pieces it it were really subjected to pressure of any kind.

Take a look at the ship on the TV Show Star Trek ‘Enterprise’ and notice the hull plating is composed of different sized individual plates. Some places even appear to be access panels too.

But I like your Call sign on the top too. LOL

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