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Mundane Monday Musings

Thanks to all who participated in my “Drawing on Thankfulness” drawing. The final prize, as determined by my number of Twitter followers, is $29.99. I’ll add up the entries and post the winner soon.

Anyway, two thoughts occur to me today. First is that going by a blog schedule is maybe not the best thing, at least for me. Too restrictive. Plus, it makes blogging more like work, and then you start thinking about the few pennies you’re making with AdSense and is it really worth it? So, the blog schedule becomes something as a demotivator, as it puts you in “work” mode and not “free thinking” mode, you know?

The other thought is that I need to figure out a way to add more blog links. I like the link at the top, but that only shows one at a time. I previously had a plugin which would show a selected number of random blogs in the sidebar, which would be perfect, but that broke way back when I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 or something.

I think I can figure out a workaround. It won’t be pretty, but it may be the best way of getting my “Hot Blogs” plugin working again. It won’t be suitable for public distribution yet, but it should (hopefully!) serve my needs.

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Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-01 21:45:50

I know what you mean. I have a blogroll that shows on one theme, but not on my current theme. I want to highlight the blogs I luv to read, like Speedcat, Meleah, Rolando, and Teeni do but the damn thing won’t display.

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-01 21:46:18

Have you ever whistled in the wind?

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-01 21:46:42

I haz first place now?

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-01 21:47:28

Who’s that girl with the pretty smile. Oh I haz the cheesy smile. :)

2008-12-01 23:46:25

Confused in Hollydale …. you cannot just create an HTML link spot on the sidebar??

I was one of the reluctant ones to change to CSS, and still use a lot of my own hand written code.

Did I miss the point here??

Comment by dcr
2008-12-02 00:53:03

You can’t just use HTML if you want to randomly rotate through your list of blogs. I like to keep the sidebar short, so I’d only like to display 5-10 blogs, but I have more blogs than that that I want to display. The only way to do that is with a plugin written in PHP. I’ve done that, but WordPress, for whatever reason, just doesn’t seem to play well with my code.

2008-12-01 23:47:13

I like Debo too!!!

2008-12-01 23:47:49

She was showing us how to make egg nog with her brother.

2008-12-01 23:48:26

Debo has a very pretty smile … have you noticed that?

2008-12-01 23:48:59

Who is that bearded goof over to the right?

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-01 23:56:18

Goof? He haz beard?

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-01 23:59:11

When I used blogspot I put html links to blogs I like to read in the sidebar, but Worpress should have an automatic link plugin that we can use.

When I go to my pages in the dashboard there is a blogroll page with all the links, but the darn thing won’t display in the sidebar.

Comment by dcr
2008-12-02 00:55:17

Maybe someday I’ll make the big bucks and can hire someone to write my plugin. It’s probably the only way it’ll ever get done. I can’t make any headway looking through the WordPress plugin coding guides. It’s bad enough trying to get my randomizer code to work; it’s even worse trying to figure out how to interact with the WordPress data!

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-01 23:59:38

Gotta luv Crest it does a smile good!!!!!

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-02 00:01:52

Have I won that Thanksgiving contest yet? And how the heck did you get 3000 plus followers? Dude you are the Tweet Bomb, even though you are no longer the Commenter Extraordinaire!

Comment by dcr
2008-12-02 00:56:00

Hard work. ;-)

Drawing to be held this week. Too tired tonight.

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-02 00:02:52

Good thing Teeni is sleeping otherwise she would be trying to keep me out of the lead as well…

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-02 00:03:09

Catch me if you can……gotta go!

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-02 00:03:55

LOL Luvs the Santa hat!!!!!!!!

Comment by dcr
2008-12-02 00:56:26

Wondered how long before anyone would notice!

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-02 00:08:37

I tried the blog schedule, but that like you said felt like work and no one really cared. So I really only stick with the weekend cocktail because that is fun for me.

Also, as you may have noticed I have ventured out of my supposed niche and blogging is fun again.

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-02 00:09:59

I also stopped reading the supposed “gurus” as though they were must reads. I only look at their blogs for ideas and not so much “how to’s”

Comment by dcr
2008-12-02 00:57:29

I haven’t really read John Chow’s blog since his last redesign. And, right now I have more Twitter followers than he does. ;-)

Comment by Debo Hobo
2008-12-02 00:11:12

i haz big plans!

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-12-02 14:08:00

Do tell?

2008-12-02 02:35:41

Is this Twitter???

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-12-02 14:07:33

No it’s not.

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-12-02 14:07:04

ho ho ho- I see Santa … oh wait that’s not Santa.

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2008-12-02 14:08:44

So who won the twitter contest?

Comment by meleah rebeccah
2008-12-02 14:56:44

my blogroll is Out Of Control.

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