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What You Thought This Blog was About

This ought to be interesting. A year ago today, I selected a winner of my blog description contest. In turning down Terence’s wonderful submission, I wrote:

First, there was “Dreams Come Real” by Terence Chang. I really liked this one. A lot. I like how Terence used my initials and created something with them that really identified the blog. I really, really like it. But, I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it yet. If I had achieved my goal or a significant benchmark thereof, I would feel a lot more comfortable using it. Maybe a year from now, we can revisit this contest and see if Terence can be redeclared a winner then!

Well, here it is a year later. So, where are we now? Actually, I don’t know. I am writing this in the past. Yes, it is still January 15th of 2008 as I write this. (Actually, it’s the 14th that I started composing it, but being so close to midnight, it will be the 15th by the time I finish it.) So, here we are (hopefully!) in 2009.

Can I now use “Dreams Come Real” as my blog description, or maybe just the subheader? It’ll be interesting to hear what I think too. Hi me, this is you!

At any rate, what I’m doing here is bringing this post back into memory and seeing how things have progressed. On the one hand, this is sort of strange, as I am writing a full year ahead of time, and I have absolutely no idea how things will be a year from now. It’s both exciting and a little scary.

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2009-01-15 00:32:33

I love time travel, that’s what my blog is about.

Comment by Terence Chang
2009-01-15 09:49:50

I am still waiting to see you change your tagline.

As far as I can see, you have been doing greater than two years ago. I think you will do even better 2 years later. I think you need to apply your twitter power and drive success to your blog too.

Comment by meleah rebeccah
2009-01-15 18:31:13

Dood. This was cool.

Comment by meleah rebeccah
2009-01-15 18:31:28

LOL @ Speedy.

Comment by teeni
2009-01-15 18:59:59

What?!!! This blog ISN’T about KNITTING? I’ve been waiting far too long for some free patterns over here. That does it! I’m gone! ;)

Comment by Debo Hobo
2009-01-23 15:46:38

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the future….

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