Reporting Spam on Twitter

If you use Twitter, sometimes you’ll come across a Twitter account that is purely spam.

Typically, you can recognize them as they will be following several hundred people (up to 2000 total), have few people following them, and have a single tweet that is a link to a site trying to sell you something.

When they hit the 2000 following limit, they set up a new account and start all over again.

Twitter is usually pretty good about finding and taking care of these spammers, but you may be able to expedite the process by notifying them when you see a spammer.

Right now, they’re making this pretty easy.

All you have to do is follow Twitter’s @spam account and wait for them to follow you back. Once they have followed you back, you can DM them with the user ID of the spammer.

They’ll check it out and suspend the account if it looks like a spammer.

If they don’t appear in your Direct Message popup menu, which is sometimes the case, especially if you have a lot of followers, don’t worry. Just go to your update window. To send them a direct message, start your tweet with “d” and a space, followed by “spam” like this: “d spam” adding another space before you start your message. You should notice the message above the text window change from “What are you doing?” to “Direct message spam:” right away. Compose your message, hit “send” and you’re done! Note that you do not need to use the “@” symbol when direct messaging.

6 comments on “Reporting Spam on Twitter
  1. I prefer to shooots em` wit me bloggin gun, which I carry in my holster. Take that SPAMMER!!!! Bang …. BANG BANG!!!!!!!!

    (rides horse of into sunset)

    in the distance …. yhee haw

  2. I believe that all Twitter accounts are spam including mine.

  3. Aiming my bloggin gun at the horse riding into the sunset. Hey wait, this is a water pistol!

  4. Isn’t that funny? You have to follow spam in order to fight spam.

    After all, SPAM is the only food I love when I go hiking or camping. It’s so juice and delicious!

    I don’t have to wait. I got them to follow me back in seconds. Now I am followed by spam. πŸ™‚

  5. David says:

    So what is the advantage of getting 2000 followers? Do they do it to build up their other accounts?

  6. HEY !!!! … I’m all wet πŸ˜‰

    I c u AIR πŸ˜‰

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