It Seemed Like a Good an Idea…

But, I guess it really wasn’t.

Since lots of Internet marketers use what are called “eCovers,” I thought this might be a good idea. An eCover is designed to simulate an actual product, and the trend is toward more realistic products.

So, what could be more realistic than an actual photo, customized with the “eCover” of the eBook?

The response has been nil. Perhaps there is a limit to the level of realism desired?

Oh well. On to the next idea…

7 comments on “It Seemed Like a Good an Idea…
  1. DCR … if you are anything, you are imaginative and smart. I have no doubt your determination will find it’s niche.

  2. There’s a tree climbing niche?

    What about the cubed cheese niche?

  3. Debo Hobo says:

    HUH!!!!! She scratches her head in ‘awedom’

  4. Loreen72 says:

    Keep it out there…. I think it is great!

  5. teeni says:

    LOL. Awesome. You have great ideas. We just need to find better applications for them. 🙂

  6. Pet Snakes says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think 8 to 12 year old boys, the group most likely to be found climbing trees, is going to be pulling the money strings. Their parents won’t likely see the value in tree climbing.

    Unless of course this has nothing to do with tree climbing. In which case ignore me, and forgive me for being terribly confused…

  7. Keep the ideas rolling! If anyone can strike it rich, it you!

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