Time Flies When You’re Standing Still

Sometimes, time just flies by, especially when you’re standing still.

There is a lesson in there. Stare at the photo, and perhaps it will be clear to you.

If not, stop standing still!

4 comments on “Time Flies When You’re Standing Still
  1. Debo Hobo says:

    No more standing still for me…as you know I am training for a half marathon….:)

  2. I am training to eat half a cow.


  3. Here’s a couple things to chew on Twitter King….

    Demi Moore saved someone from killing themselves today because they tweeted her about it.

    Also Karl Rove is following me and Jer is jealous. He thinks Karl Rove is following me because I am the sexiest woman in Wisconsin. The reality is the Rovemeister couldn’t get enough of my genius.

  4. Michelle is making me jealous! …. and I have been watching this for days. NOTHING

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