Retro Week: Waffle Iron

A vintage waffle iron with a note from the future…

Look kids!

Here we have a waffle iron.

Back in the day, this was how we made waffles. That was before you could buy ’em at the store and cook them in your toaster. Or, take them out of the freezer and put them in the microwave.

Yes, these were good ol’ fashioned waffles, where you mixed the batter yourself, and you knew it was done when you started to smell something burning, then you scraped it off the waffle iron and you considered yourself lucky if you got one that was crispy but still soft in the middle. Of course, the worse case was when the outside was burnt and the inside raw, but that made breakfast like a surprise game! You never knew what you’d get, but you’d smother it with butter and pour on the syrup and gulp it down!

Of course, after four years of Obama, who could afford electricity to run these things anymore? Or flour for the batter? Or eggs? Or milk?

But, the Kool-Aid was good. For a while.

4 comments on “Retro Week: Waffle Iron
  1. teeni says:

    Are you SURE that is what this is? It looks like it could be an old tire rim or something. LOL. Cool find.

  2. dcr says:

    Very sure. Made waffles with it back in January. 😉

    It was my grandmother’s.

  3. Mike Goad says:

    Looks a lot like the shiny newer thing that Karen used yesterday to…. — make waffles!

    They were good!

  4. Wow-zah! That is totally super cool!

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