Retro Week: Clock Time

My mother had this in her kitchen in the seventies and early eighties. I think. You know, now I’m not sure. There was another clock in the kitchen in the eighties, a Spartus, that I remember. And, that was taken out in the eighties or early nineties because that stopped working. Okay, so I’m not really sure when, or if, this one was in the kitchen.

At any rate, this is a General Electric clock from the 1970’s featuring a design by Peter Max. It’s pretty neat.

Thanks to Deborah for inspiring today’s retro post. Otherwise, I’m not sure what today’s post would have been. Oh, I would have come up with something, but what?

And below is a high school art project:

It was a 3d sort of thing, using cut-up egg cartons and styrofoam and stuff to make the different layers. We had to photocopy images from magazines. Just black and white copies. Color copies were expensive in those days. Around $2.00 a copy! I chose a “time” theme, with space too. Space-time! You picked a color and selectively colored things. I picked yellow so it was like gold.

You can almost see the “TIME” spelled out along the bottom. It’s easier to see in person than it is in the photo!

Curious. The background almost matches my current blog space-themed background…

2 comments on “Retro Week: Clock Time
  1. teeni says:

    Hmmm – that is one psychadelic looking clock. It would drive me crazy because it has no numbers which would require me to think too much. And math – it would make me do that. I hate that. LOL. I adore your high school artwork though! I can see the word TIME at the bottom but I admit I may have missed it if you hadn’t pointed it out. It’s funny how obvious it is that you are still as interested in space and time as you were back then. 🙂

  2. My clock is made entirely of Birch Bark and has almond bark hands … much like myself

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