Retro Week: Ball-Peen Hammer

This ball-peen hammer was originally used by Vulcan (a.k.a. Hephaestus) to forge thunderbolts for Zeus.

Okay. Not really.

This is an old ball-peen hammer, sometimes called a ball-pein hammer which makes no sense because it is used for peening in metalwork, and peening is not also spelled peining. Go figure.

Even though it was designed for peening use, which is the process of working a metal to improve its properties, such as building resistance to cracking and a whole bunch of other stuff I don’t feel the need to go into right now, it will still do a good job of hammering a nail.

Sacrilege, I know. But, at least it has a job, which can be hard to find these days.

And, thus ends Retro Week with a bang, bang, bang…

3 comments on “Retro Week: Ball-Peen Hammer
  1. Gosh … what a BEAUTY !!!!!!!!! I need one for my cowboy toolbelt

  2. wow. I just learned something new!

  3. I have charm of a ball peen hammer in my inventory- for the life of me I have been scratching my head at who would want to buy it.

    Now I know. Please remit $300.89 to my paypal account and it’s yours. The charms only a few bucks, I am charging you a little extra for protection $$$ so I don’t beat you up for Retro week.

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