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Return of the Tiger Lilies

Tiger Lily

You may recall that I posted about my tiger lilies earlier this year, the lilies that I had thought had been lost but now were found!

Well, as you can see above, they are currently blooming!

There are only three or four plants now, though. I think there used to be many more. At any rate, after experiencing their near-loss, I’ve been working on propagating them. I moved one indoors earlier this year; unfortunately, it didn’t make it. I planted some of the fresh bulbils from the lilies in another patch outside, but none appear to have taken yet and it doesn’t look promising there. I have another batch of bulbils indoors and some of those are starting to root, so I will keep my fingers cross on that batch!

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Comment by teeni
2009-07-19 19:18:49

Wow! That is a really pretty tiger lily! The ones around here just do not compare. I’m sorry you have less now but I think you may need to dig them up and “separate” the bulbs so they will continue to grow and multiply. I do not have a green thumb by any means but I have heard from those who do that every couple of years you need to dig up the bulbs and split them or they will stop growing.

So if you have enough for yourself, you can give some to friends! :)

Comment by dcr
2009-07-21 14:19:35

I don’t think I can separate the bulbs. Each plant has a single stalk, so I don’t know that there would be anything to divide.

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2009-07-20 13:56:59

Teeni is right- it’s sounds like it is time to split your lilies if they are not growing as vigorously as previous years. I think Jer will be splitting ours next season- they are doing really good this year and just beautiful. Next year or the season after you should be well on your way to fabulous lilies again after splitting and redistributing them.

PS I don’t have any tiger lilies, I have Easter lilies, a Peach version of the same, and several varieties or Asiatic lilies-

Comment by dcr
2009-07-21 14:26:48

There’s no problem with the number of flowers per plant. That seems to be the same as it always has. The individual plants seem to grow fine. And, as I just mentioned in my other comment, each bulb only appears to have a single stalk.

Tiger lilies produce bulbils on their stems. These fall to the ground and begin to grow. The past couple (or more) years have been very, very dry, so I think the bulbils just haven’t been able to take hold. Plus, the droughts have probably killed existing plants, which is why, I think, they are so few in number.

Comment by meleah rebeccah
2009-07-20 15:03:46

these are my favorite flowers in the whole wide world

Comment by dcr
2009-07-21 14:28:15

Used to have a lot more of these, and a lot of other flowers, in the yard. Now, not so many. I do have a Stella d’Oro daylily too, but it’s already done flowering for the year.

2009-07-20 22:09:03

I am confused ……….

Comment by dcr
2009-07-21 14:29:05

About what?

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