Don’t Worry, Be Chalky

This is just a chalk drawing that I did on the side of a cabinet. I did this around 1990.

This is a small wooden cabinet that I’m pretty sure my grandfather built. It was all painted in a pale green color. Lots of stuff my grandparents had were painted this color. I’m not sure where the paint came from, but they evidently had a lot of it. The basement was painted in this color. My grandfather’s toolroom had cabinets (which he built) and walls all painted in this pale green.

Anyway, many moons ago (circa 1990), I think I moved the cabinet from the basement (or was it the shed?) into my bedroom. After cleaning it up, I put contact paper on it. The interior, the shelves and the top were done in a grey/black woodgrain pattern. I did the front and sides with a chalkboard contact paper, so you could write on it with chalk, as I did in this photo.

It’s been there ever since. It’s gotten a bit blurred over the years, but is mostly intact.

4 comments on “Don’t Worry, Be Chalky
  1. Well, you have an artistic side sure, but seem to forget the schnozola in your works. They are easy, so don’t be scared of failure. They look like this >>>> J

    Hope this helps!
    Speedie’s Art World

  2. when my son was little – I had his whole wall in his room painted with CHALK paint so he could draw on it!

  3. … where am I? I was at Facebook and a wormhole bloghole anomaly ( however you spell that ) opened up a blog / face rift

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