The Spice

In a couple posts this week, I’ve mentioned an old cabinet I’ve been cleaning out.

When cleaning it out on Sunday, I found this:

That’s a bag of spice. No, nothing weird. It’s the Spice, as in melange.

Back in the mid-eighties, I was in school and one of the books we had to read for our English class was Dune. Well, as it happened, the movie Dune came out around the same time. At present, I don’t recall whether the movie was being filmed or had already been released. The movie came out in December of 1984. I remember reading this in the spring, so it had to be spring of 1984 or spring of 1985.

Anyway, the teacher tried to tie things in with the movie a bit (so I’m thinking it’s more likely to have been 1985) and one of our assignments was to make our own props. I think this was an exercise in showing how people envision different things they read and that not everyone would interpret the book the same. Probably. Then again, we weren’t special effects and props people, so the things we made didn’t necessarily reflect how we envisioned them but rather how we envisioned them and could fashion them out of things from around the house and without the skill set of a professional prop maker.

So, one of my props was the spice. I made mine from sugar, cinnamon and (I think perhaps) a bit of nutmeg. It’s been 24 years, so I don’t remember for certain, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s in there.

Evidently, I still have the spice. And here it is.

I also made a Fremen dagger, which was supposed to be a sandworm’s tooth. And also the dunes of Arrakis with a sandworm.

And they let us into school with that. I bet these days you couldn’t carry a bag of spice and a sandworm tooth dagger into school without landing yourself in trouble.

3 comments on “The Spice
  1. are you telling me THAT has been inside your cabinet for 24 years???

  2. speedy says:

    24 year old weed ….. ha haaaaaaaa

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