Seeing the World Through Rainbow Glasses

Let’s hope you don’t suffer from Triskaidekaphobia!

Rainbow Glasses

While cleaning out the aforementioned cabinet, I also came across these “Rainbow Glasses.”

I believe that this were from some point in the mid to late 1980s. I don’t remember where I got them.

They are just heavy paper with thin film called Holex Kaleidaglas. This film essentially lets you see a rainbow of colors when you look at things. In daylight, you can see rainbows just about everywhere. At night, you’ll only see them around lights and brightly lit objects.

Here’s an example which I did by holding up the glasses to the camera lens:

Rainbow Light

In daylight, that’s what pretty much everything looks like, with varying degrees of intensity depending upon the amount of light reflecting from or produced by the objects being viewed.

I think this is a form of diffraction grating. Regardless, it’s pretty cool stuff. I think I had a lens for my video camera that produced similar effects. Too bad my video camera lens don’t fit my digital camera. (I haven’t found an adapter for them either.)

You see, kids, sometimes science is fun.

3 comments on “Seeing the World Through Rainbow Glasses
  1. Cool! I could use those glasses now.

  2. In hippie circles those are called “acid reading glasses.” My father had a pair of those he would use when he went to the “magic kingdom.”

  3. speedy says:

    acid reading glasses

    ha HA HAAAA!

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