Success Saturday: Starting Your Own eCommerce Site (Link)

A few moons ago (which was last year), I did a post here: “Success Saturday: Putting Together an eCommerce Site“. Yep, that too was posted on a Saturday.

Well, this week, I released another version of it: “Getting Started with Your Own eCommerce Site“.

Much is the same; just had to change a few things. Please check it out and tell your friends too.

I’m using this one to promote my “Internet Marketing Backstage Pass” guide which, by the way, is on sale this weekend only. I’m writing this on Friday evening, and some have already taken advantage of the sale, which is good news. So, if you’ve thought about getting a copy, this would be a good weekend to do so to take advantage of a pretty incredible sale price. But, that ends around midnight Sunday, November 15th, so you better act now.

But, even if you don’t buy the guide, at least please give the article a read. Thanks!

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