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Milestone Goals and Digressions

August 14, 2009 was my 500th consecutive post. That is, I had at least one post every day for 500 days in a row.

Mind you, some posts may have been scheduled but, in my view, those totally count. A post a day is hard enough sometimes, so if some days I can manage multiple posts and spread them out, I still think that counts. Generally, though, I’ve only used post scheduling when I’m away on vacation, sick or extremely busy.

Something I’ve quite unintentionally managed to do is to sporadically reply to comments. It used to be that I would respond to comments right away, or at least within relative short order. Of course, this posed a problem if I went on vacation. Due to post scheduling, I could have new posts appear, but people would surely notice if new posts appeared and I had not yet replied to comments on prior posts.

Way to blow my cover.

But, I’ve grown a bit lax in replying to comments, so it may be a few days before I reply to them, even though I may be writing new posts.

So, now you really have no idea whether I’m on vacation or not. Maybe I’m gone. Maybe I’m just not replying to comments. Who knows?

I wish I could claim credit for that line of thinking, but, oh heck, I’ll take credit for it. It was probably my subconscious mind, which is at times still astoundingly brilliant, causing me to create such a scenario where I keep you guessing.

Anyway, I’ve strayed from my original point, which was on the topic of consecutive daily blogging. On top of the aforementioned date where I achieved a record of 500 consecutive daily posts, 2009 was the first year where I managed to have at least one post each day. Too bad it wasn’t a leap year.

Came close in 2008, except for March, which was a bad month…

It’s become a bit of an obsession too. A couple weeks ago, when I was ill, I had to force myself to come down to the computer to do a blog post. So, there I am, standing next to the computer, barely able to stand, but stuff was on my chair that I didn’t have the energy to move, pounding out a blog post, and then staying on the computer entirely too long as I barely made it back upstairs. Yeah. Good times.

I’ll try to repeat the consecutive daily blogging thing again this year. I’ll try not to repeat the bit where I’m standing at the computer, barely able to blog but doing it anyway…

You see, if I make it to December 27, 2010, that will be my 1000th day of consecutive daily blogging. And, at that point, I might as well finish out the year, you know? So, I’ll cross my fingers…

Also, I hope to have some more substantive posts. I did better in my earlier blogging days. I guess maybe I don’t venture out into the blogosphere as widely as I used to. I mainly stick around the same group of blogs, which are dwindling in number as I haven’t sought out new blogs to read to replace those that have become ghost towns.

I also need to re-discover some blogs I used to frequent. I have a feed reader which I used to use to read several blogs. But, I haven’t fired that thing up in ages! I don’t know why. I just got out of the habit of firing up the feed reader. You know, if you want to leave a comment, you have to go to the blog with your browser anyway, so it just saves some hassle by skipping the feed reader.

And, then if blogs don’t get updated, you don’t check them as often. And, when you don’t use bookmarks, as I don’t, you tend to forget the URLs after a while. And, then you need to look them up, which you don’t because you’ll do that later. But then you forget.

So, it becomes a vicious cycle.

There are only really three blogs (that I can think of) that I intentionally don’t read anymore. Well, actually just two; the third I still read occasionally, but not as often, because it doesn’t speak to my interests so much anymore. Of the other two, one changed ownership (more than once, if I remember) and the last guy who ran it decided to go with all video blogging and I’m just not going to sit through a video blog. Sorry. With text, I can read, speed-read or skim. With a video, you have to watch it. Skimming a video does not compare to skimming text. And, speed-viewing only works if you’re an android. And, it doesn’t matter anymore anyway, since that blog is completely gone now. Maybe I wasn’t the only one not interested?

As for the other blog, well, I just felt the blogger’s attitude went a little too negative. Not negative in the sense that the tone was negative, but rather that this blogger’s life choices were going in what I viewed as a negative direction. It’s difficult to explain. I’m sure you probably have a goal of being a better person; most people do. Maybe we don’t always do a good job of staying on that track, but it is still our intention to try to stay on that track, you know? So, you have in your mind this vision of the type of person you would like to be, that is better than you are today. If someone else is going in what you feel is the opposite direction, you might not want to have that kind of influence in your life, even if it is only a blog. You know? If you want to be a certain way, it often works best if you surround yourself with people that are already that way or are at least heading in the same direction.

Mind you, that may not be the case for everyone. Some may choose to go against the grain, in which case surrounding yourself with people that are the opposite of what you want to be may be more fruitful. And, while I am often the against-the-grain type, in this situation, I felt the opposite would be best.

So, that’s one blog I no longer read.

It may be that I just read things wrong. Who knows? But, that was my interpretation and I just decided to avoid that sort of influence.

Back to goals, though. Another goal is to actually update some of the other blogs I created a few weeks ago. I got started, got sick and then never really got back into it. Seems to be a cycle I frequently find myself in. I’ll have to change that around.

You know, when I was in school, it seemed like I was better able to manage multiple things. I did my homework while watching TV. I also worked on other projects while watching TV. Sometimes I would draw while watching TV. Seems I can’t do that amount of multi-tasking anymore. Maybe I immerse myself into the TV show too much, figuring things out, imagining alternatives, etc.

But, even taking TV out of the picture, I don’t seem to be able to manage the amount of stuff I used to. I mean, school is roughly comparable to work, albeit with fewer hours. So, work shouldn’t be that big of an impact on your personal productivity. At home, I used to do my homework, write stories, draw, do projects, do a newsletter, read books, etc.

Maybe reality kills your motivation. I always had a dream home envisioned and all the cool stuff I wanted. So, there’d be that motivation there. You know, if I do this newsletter/magazine and it takes off and I can be rich and afford the stuff I want. Or, if I write this story and it gets made into a movie, I’ll be rich. Or, I’ll make my own video series and sell it and get rich. And so on.

But then, you grow up, and reality kills that. Nobody buys your newsletter. Nobody reads it if you send it out for free. Nobody likes your stories. And so on.

Then, even if you continue to believe in yourself, you’ll sit down and think, I’ll never get rich if I write this… And, maybe even money isn’t the big motivator. Or, at least it wasn’t. Maybe being recognized and “famous” was the motivation, and the money was the side benefit you knew about but really didn’t think of, or wasn’t your main motivation.

But then grown-up life changes that. You have bills to pay. And they don’t get paid if you don’t have money. And writing a story, creating a video, or whatnot doesn’t have an immediate payback, and it’s uncertain whether it ever really will.

So, you’re forced to work on things that do, or you think will, make you money, all the while wishing to be able to make money off the things you’d really rather be doing.

And so you get stuck in that limbo where reality tramples passion, and you don’t get to do what you enjoy and just go through the motions at the stuff that gets you money. And, as a result, you’re just not as productive as you used to be, because the things you once saw as possibilities seem to be too far out of reach anymore.

Anyway, I’ve kind of covered the gamut in this post. I could have probably created two or three separate–and maybe even useful–posts out of this. Maybe I can do that later.

Congratulations if you made it this far. You made it farther than I did. I don’t even feel like going back to proofread this. This is clocking in at 1,685 words. Wow.

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Comment by Mike Goad
2010-01-03 10:03:43

Wow…, long post.

Consecutive daily posting? I tried that. It’s hard, really hard.

If it wasn’t for my feed reader, I’d never get around to most of the blogs I follow. I have it open all of the time. That way there isn’t any backlog of posts to read, except when we’re on vacation and can’t get online.

Best wishes for the New Year and the new decade!

Comment by dcr
2010-01-05 11:56:05

I used to fire up the feedreader first thing when I turned on the computer. Then, I got behind and then it just became a reminder of all the things I hadn’t read yet. And then it just made more sense not to open it at all.

I also have an application that will let me blog offline and then upload my posts when I’m online. I don’t think it could upload photos though. At any rate, I haven’t used that in ages either.

Comment by teeni
2010-01-03 20:04:04

Have you ever considered doing something like a web show? Have you ever seen “The Guild” It started as such a simple, low budget thing but now has a big cult following. Somehow I can picture you doing something like that because you are creative that way. Hope the new year is treating you well so far!

Comment by dcr
2010-01-05 12:09:24

Low budget by Hollywood standards is still big budget for the rest of us. ;)

I have had plans for a web serial for a number of years. I tried figuring out different ways of doing it. The last time I figured out a budget, I think it was around $30,000.

Years ago, back when VHS was still the dominant format, I had various ideas for little movies or serials. Those plans all fell through when most of my cast and crew moved away or I lost contact with them. If only eMail was commonplace back then…

What I need to do is figure out a way to scale things down to a manageable level.

Or make more money.

The latter of which has been my plan and holdup…

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2010-01-03 22:34:00

Opps I better stop with the videos on my blog. I am going to be updating my blog roll this week- it’s about time. I have changed my reading habits as far as blogs go too.

Comment by dcr
2010-01-05 12:19:04

You just put videos up. That’s not quite the same as video blogging. You still type stuff. The blog I mentioned didn’t have text. Just video. And, you know when you can’t think of anything to write, you pause and wait until you have your next thought? And people never know where you paused because you don’t (usually) literally type stuff like um, ah, pause, wait, um, yeah, you know, um, huh, what I, um, ah, [long silence], um, [uncomfortably long silence], ah, yeah so, I, hmmm, [long silence -- can I fast forward or maybe not], um, yeah, so? Well, in a video, you notice that kind of stuff. And some people can’t or don’t know how to edit, so…

Comment by meleah rebeccah
2010-01-04 05:15:22

“A couple weeks ago, when I was ill, I had to force myself to come down to the computer to do a blog post. So, there I am, standing next to the computer, barely able to stand, but stuff was on my chair that I didn’t have the energy to move, pounding out a blog post, and then staying on the computer entirely too long as I barely made it back upstairs. Yeah. Good times.”

Ahahhaah HAHAHAH hahahaha

Yep. Thats how I blog – A LOT of the time!

I gave up on DAILY POSTING my 2nd year into blogging!

Comment by dcr
2010-01-05 12:21:03

If I went through a lot of that, I wouldn’t be blogging daily either.

Then again, if I had ethernet running into my bedroom…

2010-01-08 00:33:12

android 7 reporting in!

I even blog with my phone, but no videos with that … YET

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