Vintage Waffle Maker

Vintage Waffle Maker

So, most of the day is over and I’ve had no idea for a blog post. Thus, I went to see what photos I had taken so far this month. Upon discovering that I hadn’t yet uploaded any images from my camera to the computer this year and not feeling like doing so, I opted instead to see if I had taken any pictures last year, ideally January 10th of last year.

Lo and behold, I took a single photo that day, that of my grandmother’s waffle maker, which is a curious coincidence since, just yesterday, I mentioned waffles. On top of that, JD was hungry for waffles and putting up something vintage will annoy Michelle, so it’s a win-win all the way around.

Plus, I decided to make the photo into a work of art á la Speedy’s post today. I had decided that prior to hunting down a photo, so I had to continue with the plan upon selecting the photo.

At any rate, you see here my grandmother’s vintage waffle maker. Now, this is something I also blogged about last year during Retro Week, in my Waffle Iron post, so no need to elaborate here.

Oh, why the price tag? Well, my grandmother lives out of state and there was a sale before the house was sold. The sale ran before we got there, so my aunt had priced the waffle maker at 50¢. Fortunately, no one bought it and we got to bring it home. Though plenty of other people got some really good deals…

I just wish I had gotten the old blender… And a certain pair of lamps, and the Pick Up Sticks game…

7 comments on “Vintage Waffle Maker
  1. Man I would not plug that sucker in…

  2. dcr says:

    Works fine. Just difficult to clean.

    The blender was the thing that shot out sparks when you turned it on.

  3. That is one attractive appliance, and very artie. I have no idea how to make waffles that do not come out of a box .. vintage is just soooo vintage!

    SEE! NO CAPITALS !!! wooooOOoOOOOoOOoOooooot woot 🙂

  4. I like it. I like it a lot.

  5. Pick up Sticks?!

    Oh, how I loved that game! I can still see the canister. What a simple (stupid) idea. Sticks! Pick ’em up!

    And waffles. I ended up having a delicious breakfast, but there’s nothing like a good ol’ waffle.

    Would you say waffle iron waffles are better than Eggos?

  6. Well, I just need to say hello to Meleah

    ( smile )

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