I Must Be Missing Out

If I were to believe my spam, I should be able to make a couple thousand dollars a day doing next to nothing (except buying their program). Since I get a bunch of these frequently from different spammers, I must be missing out on a daily income measuring into the tens of thousands.

That’s right. Right now, I should be earning $10,000 to $20,000 or more each and every day doing next to nothing.

I especially love the spams that don’t appear as though any one proofread them. Moments ago, I received one that said I could make $200 – $1000 or more every day! The very next line read that I could make $3,000 a week! And then you get paid every two weeks.

You do the math…

The message started with “I” thought you might be interested and ended with “we” got your eMail from…

Best of all, there’s apparently no work involved. Wow. Must be a job in politics…

4 comments on “I Must Be Missing Out
  1. I would be a bajillionaire if all of the spam promises I received were true.

  2. teeni says:

    It just goes to prove that spamming is a low-paying job since they can’t get people with good grammatical skills or common sense to do it! 😉

  3. Ms. Freeman says:

    I want that job! I don’t even open spam I am surprised you do, I am too afraid it will contain a virus or something.

    Hi Dan! 🙂

  4. Meleah- I am a bajillionaire. I believe I am the world’s only bajillionaire… speedcat is jealous he is only a kajillioinaire.

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