Special Sale for the Apple iTablet

Or iSlate or whatever they wind up calling it. And, no, the Apple iTablet is not on sale, but…

I want one.

You see, the Apple tablet is rumored to be announced next week. Pricing estimates are that it will be around $1,000. I bet they won’t be immediately available, but, you know, you want to get your orders in early.

As I mentioned, I want one. And, it’s for business purposes. Fun too, but business.

So, in an effort to raise funds to purchase one of these puppies, I am putting my Internet Marketing Backstage Pass guide on sale. Regularly priced at $47, it’s now priced to move at just $18.95.

Everything is included as normal. This isn’t a pared down version or anything. This is the full $47 course reduced down to $18.95. That’s a savings of over $28! (Okay, just 5 cents over $28, but that still counts as over.)

So, if you’ve been on the fence about getting your copy, now’s the time to grab it. Don’t delay! Buy today!

That little extra rhyme there was free. You’re welcome. Now, please help me get my Apple iTablet by buying my product. Thanks!

Oh, wait. So, I’m supposed to tell you what’s in it for you, right? Well, you won’t have to read post after post of me complaining that I don’t have an Apple iTablet even though I really want one. That’ll get old quick. Believe me. You don’t want to go there.

Anyway, just look at the sales page for all the great stuff you’ll learn. Plus, you get all sorts of neat graphics and stuff. Buttons, seals, backgrounds–all fun and useful stuff.

But, really, let’s face it: the economy sucks. And, we’re all looking for ways to make extra money or promote our existing businesses. Well, if you’re new to Internet marketing, this comprehensive guide has you covered! You’ll learn everything from the very basics to slightly more advanced techniques. Plus, there are plenty of resources to help you further.

The website will tell you more. Please go check it out.

Still not convinced? How about this? Pretty please with a cherry on top, please go check it out.

Yeah, I thought that would work.

3 comments on “Special Sale for the Apple iTablet
  1. I have a question for you- would you stop visiting a blog you have been going to on a regular basis and the person NEVER stops by yours… and yet you see them on a lot of other blogs you frequent as well? Just curious…

  2. dcr says:

    I stop by yours. I just left you a comment. See???

    Anyway, to answer your question, I would probably not stop visiting. I may visit less frequently and, over time, that may mean I forget about their blog and stop visiting because of that. But, to just stop visiting because they don’t visit mine, no, probably not.

  3. I just checked out The Internet Marketing Backstage Pass and I am thoroughly impressed.

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