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Dancing Monkeys Wearing Shirts that are Orange

First, I presented you with plenty of pictures of bananas.

At which point you likely thought I was bananas.

Then, I presented a photo of an orange that looked like a football. Sort of.

Now, I will combine those themes…

What likes bananas?


What wears orange t-shirts?

Why monkeys, of course! Or, maybe it was the Monkees that wore orange t-shirts. Or maybe not. Anyway, think of monkeys in orange shirts. Cool, eh?

What could make that image even better?

Imagine them dancing!

Yeah, I know. It’s legen–

Wait for it…


Okay, so here you go. Here are some dancing monkeys wearing shirts that are orange!

Dancing Monkeys Wearing Shirts that are Orange

There you are. Now your weekend is complete. You have officially seen everything on this blog.

Including dancing monkeys.

Wearing shirts.

That are orange.


Like, totally.

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2010-02-13 21:44:27

One looks like Michael Mayo

Comment by Michelle Gartner
2010-02-13 22:09:44

Speedcat has posted nekkid pictures of himself on facebook again. He looks just like a howler monkey- a poo flinging howler monkey. It’s so naturrific… I want to hurt myself.

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