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Goodbye World!

So, this is how it ends, with more of a wimper than a bang, but that’s okay.

It started with a “Hello World!” so it’s probably appropriate to end it with a “Goodbye World!”

This is, I think, Day 1566 of consecutive daily blogging, which is probably close to where it ends. I have plans for a post for tomorrow, so the consecutive daily blogging won’t end yet. But, I’m not going to try to blog daily anymore.

I will be working on other projects.

Today is this blog’s fifth birthday. It’s been a long five years. I’ve seen many blogs come and go in that time. This blog, too, has changed over the years. It started as danblogs, then I changed it to dcrBlogs. Eventually, the underlying theme became “Believe. Act. Achieve!” And now it’s just a lame blog.

It won’t be lame much longer. I don’t know what it will be. It’s time for it to change to something else. But, I likely won’t be posting daily. I accomplished that already. It went well at first, but then quality declined. It became something I had to do rather than something I enjoyed doing. When you’re focused on things you have to do, sometimes you lose your focus on things you need to do.

So, it’s time to repurpose.

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Comment by Anita Cross
2012-07-15 00:35:43

Bait and switch. I came into a lame blag… now you’re telling me you’re going to turn awesome? pfft!

Comment by dcr
2012-07-15 00:36:13


Comment by Teeni
2012-07-16 00:43:26

Well, I have taken quite a break from blogging so who am I to judge? I am looking forward to finding out how your blog changes.

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