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Story Updates

Since I still don’t know what Sundays will be for, I guess I can still post whatever I want here. So, I’ll post a little update.

In mid-November, I posted that my short story collection was complete. Well, I did finish the Dedication, Acknowledgments and About the Author sections and send the thing off to my editor.

Got it back today–yes, today, a Sunday; can you believe she was working on a Sunday? Oh, maybe she doesn’t want people knowing she works on Sundays, so, in that case, nevermind, I didn’t get it today, I got it Friday or maybe I’ll get it tomorrow; either way, totally not today–and I just have to make a few minor changes and it’s done.

Except for the cover, that is, which I’ll be doing myself this time. My illustrator does good work, but the design I have in mind for this one is a simple enough one that I can manage myself with my camera and Photoshop.

Oh, and then all the formatting too.

At any rate, that shouldn’t take too long, so it should be available for purchase soon.

Also, I should mention that my latest novel, Dan’s Lame Novel, went on sale yesterday. I’ll have to add it to the sidebar soon. Also, I need to add it to my author’s website.

I should have done that already, but I’m lame. So is the novel. You should buy a copy. It’s only 99¢, unless you’re reading this post at some point in the future where I’ve changed the price and it’s no longer 99¢, but, if that’s the case, you can still check it out and buy it. It might be lower or it might be higher. You’ll never know until you click the link. Those of you reading it in the here and now can buy it for 99¢, or whatever that works out to be in your currency. This is 99¢ in USD.

Here’s the link again in case you don’t feel like scrolling back up: Dan’s Lame Novel.

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Comment by hagar
2012-12-11 02:39:51

got to ask..who did the pic of the gnome? that’s pretty good

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