The Sad Truth of Spam

Spam is annoying. Most of us hate it. Sometimes it takes time to sort through all the junk to see the few messages you actually wanted to receive.

But, do you know why spammers keep on spamming?

Well, one reason is that the rest of us get sick and tired of reporting it and you just delete it and move on.

For example, I’ve gotten spammers cut off from their income sources. You see, some affiliate networks and such don’t take kindly to their affiliates using spam to promote their products or services. Many include that in their terms of service. So, if you use those services and you promote stuff via spam, they can terminate your account. Kiss your ill-gotten gains goodbye!

I recognize some of these networks and when I get spam from people using these networks, I have on occasion reported them. Sometimes, they get their accounts nuked in short order. Sometimes, I see their spam continue to come in day after day, week after week, and their account never gets shut down.

It makes sense, to a degree. If one person reports something as spam, that’s just one person. The affiliate network has no idea if that person simply forgot they subscribed or what. So, they probably don’t take action until they’ve had enough spam reports to meet their threshold, whatever it may be.

So, since most people are just deleting the eMail and not reporting it as spam, some spammers’ accounts may never reach that threshold, which means they can continue to spam and spam and spam.

As a result, I often end up deleting it too. It never ends anyway; once you get one shut down, there’s always another spammer to take the previous one’s place.

Maybe if we all reported at least one spam a week, we could make a difference.

Or maybe not.

One comment on “The Sad Truth of Spam
  1. hagar says:

    they CAN-SPAMmed, but it must have a very loose lid….

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