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Mundane Monday: Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs 0325


Yes, at the time of this writing, Easter is several weeks away (March 31, 2013). If that bothers you, bookmark this post and read it later.

Back in our day, before the advent of genetically engineered chickens–and the resulting years of debate over whether or not to genetically alter chickens–if we wanted colored eggs for Easter, we had to color them ourselves, using various egg colors dissolved in water and often a little vinegar, none of which is shown here except for the end-result. We didn’t have the advantage of DNA-modified chickens that produced eggs in a veritable rainbow of egg shell colors. We also haven’t yet had the years of debates over whether using such eggs was appropriate or not, not only because of the genetic modifications but also because the act of coloring the eggs would thus be removed from tradition. But, some argued that choosing the eggs at the store was the new tradition and choosing pre-colored eggs was little different from choosing what color to make an egg, arguing the art and tradition was behind the choice of color and not the grunt work of actually coloring it. But, you of the future know full well the results of such arguments and those of us in the past know that, in all likelihood, the less labor-intensive path will be the route people will choose to take, which is illustrated by the fact that in many retail stores, you will be completely ignored by “employees” who are too busy chatting or updating their Facebook status to actually do the work they get paid to do.

As such, those of you in the far future have probably never heard of coloring Easter eggs and have grown accustomed to seeing colored eggs at the store every day of the year, and have lost the tradition of coloring (or choosing a color for) eggs for Easter, which is likely why future manufacturers have gone back to traditional non-genetically modified chickens that lay brown or white eggs, instead of colored eggs, which may result in a resurgence for you of the egg coloring tradition, or a return to genetically modified chickens which lay rainbow colored eggs. Or, you may just all throw up your arms, wondering what the point of it all is, and forsake technology altogether and revert to living in caves and foraging for food in the forests.

Which means you won’t be reading this at all, so what was the point?

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Comment by Lisa Gergets
2013-01-21 18:47:52

Hey thanks! I’m bookmarking this to read later!

Comment by hagar
2013-01-22 01:41:57

I am in the lead for comment count, mostly because you’re too kind to delete my endless blather – thanks for giving me an outlet for my keyboard logorrhea!

Comment by Lee Dobbins
2013-01-22 10:11:56

I mourn the passing of manual egg coloring.

Comment by Becky
2013-01-22 11:51:12

Forget about the colored eggs. Where are the chocolate eggs?

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