The Mystery of Traffic

Only 22 days into the month, and this blog has already had more visitors than it did in nine of the months of last year. Starting last October, traffic to this blog has gone up considerably. It was the third most trafficked month of the year. November had an 11% increase over October and December had a 15.6% increase over November.

December wound up being the most trafficked month in this blog’s history (or at least since I started keeping stats, but I doubt I had more traffic then). So far, January 2013 is on track to beat December.


I have no idea. It’s not like I started posting anything of higher quality in the last quarter of last year. Presumably, posts in September would have been what might have kickstarted the increased traffic, but September had a whole lot of lame posts. For a couple weeks, all I did was post a picture of a squirrel–the SAME picture, every day!

It’s not like October was much better.

So, I have no idea why more people are stopping in. But, they are, and now I feel compelled to find some way to keep them coming and keep traffic increasing.

Of course, it might help to figure out WHY traffic is increasing. LOL.

2 comments on “The Mystery of Traffic
  1. hagar says:

    I can understand if you were trying to solve a problem, but trying to solve a benefit? take it as your long overdue, due 🙂

  2. hagar says:

    I know, I knwo, I said due due LOL

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