No Sense Thursday

I really need to figure out what Thursdays are for, so I can come up with something to put here, especially considering the increase in traffic I am getting.

It’d be nice to have stuff here to compel people to return.

Thoughtful Thursdays seems like a good idea in theory, but once I start researching a topic, well, it gets to the point where I really don’t feel like writing about it anymore and prefer instead to do something else, especially when it comes to thoughts that may be of a political nature, where the idea of “hope” seems to have been flushed down the proverbial toilet.

So, instead, I bang out a unsubstantial post, which I pledged (or, um, hoped) not to do this year, which bugs me, which in turn leads me to wish I could come up with a better idea for Thursdays so the blog schedule will have some sense of completeness, which it doesn’t, because I still don’t know what Sundays, Tuesdays or Thursdays are for. With Wednesdays and Fridays both being photo days, plus Monday being a semi-photo day, I am concerned I’m putting up too many photos and not enough content. Maybe I should toss in a keyword on a popular topic right now, like crocodiles escape or stomach bug just to further emphasize how off-topic this whole post has become.

Which means I should probably stop now before I mention some other trending topic like volcanic ash.


2 comments on “No Sense Thursday
  1. Marj says:

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    Did that sound enough like a spam comment to work?

  2. hagar says:

    I am to be much following your insightful posts on volcanic ash. You should write a book haha. Do you have many useful hintings for new blog posts?

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