Mundane Monday: Concrete Duck

Concrete Duck 1313


Sure, when something is broken like that, a lot of people will just throw it away.

But how can you just toss a poor little concrete duckling who’s proudly decorated your family’s home for decades?

Especially when it’s fixable?

Well, you don’t.

Concrete Duck 1317


You fix him and he’s good for another couple decades.

Once I get around to doing a new paint job, that is.

2 comments on “Mundane Monday: Concrete Duck
  1. Art Remnet says:

    How very practical Dan. Judging by the current paint job, the “touch up” is first on the list in 2014 😉

  2. hagar says:

    I just revived an 8-track player that was probly the same vintage LOL

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