Elgin Starburst Clock in My New Office

Elgin Starburst Clock 1647


You saw this Elgin starburst clock in my old office. Now, as of today (er, technically, yesterday), the new office is finally painted (except for some touch-up work and also a hallway out back), so it’s time to put the clock up (again–it was up before the wall was painted) in its new home.

Didn’t do a yellow background for it, as was the someday plan when I posted about it four years ago in “Retro Week: Elgin Starburst Clock.” The green is the office color and it looks nice.

I have had the green paint planned for a while though: “Same Clock, Different Color.”

I like the clock and the paint scheme. It has the retro look I was going for.

4 comments on “Elgin Starburst Clock in My New Office
  1. Art Remnet says:

    Nice color selection Dan – looks really nice.

    Oh and the clock is very retro too (now, did you have the clock back in the day when it was new and has now come back as “retro” or is it just a style you like?)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. dcr says:


    The clock is one I purchased a few years back. Sat in the basement for a while until I put it up in the old office four years ago.

  3. This is a clock. I win.

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