Happier Flamingos

You may remember the Don Featherstone Pink Flamingos that I got last fall (“Happy Flamingos“).


Don Featherstone Original Pink Flamingos


Here they are in their new home:


Flamingos 1660


They were happy, but I don’t think they were as happy as they could be. Their environment looks a little sad.

But, fortunately, I had a fix for that, which I bought a few months back.


New Moss - Flamingos 1661


Yes! New moss! Fresh, green moss. Well, dyed green moss, but close enough. You can see the flamingos have a difference of opinion on this plan.

Here it is half-finished, thanks to the magic of scissors and spray adhesive.


New Moss - Flamingos 1665


I taped around the edges and wrapped the tree trunks in paper so as to avoid getting the spray adhesive on the pot and tree trunks. (Tape and trunk wrap were already removed on the side with the new moss in this photo.) Yes, that is yellow Frog Tape being used. Had some left over from painting.

After some more measuring, cutting, gluing and scrubbing off of spray adhesive and moss from the fingers, the project is complete.


New Moss - Flamingos 1668


You can see how the flamingos were eagerly awaiting their new home.

After allowing the glue to dry for a bit, and then doing some cleanup, the flamingos were ready to go in their new home.


Flamingos 1672


You can see how much happier they are now than they were before.

So, the project was clearly a success. Woohoo!

One comment on “Happier Flamingos
  1. Art Remnet says:

    Dan, have you considered going into the Pink Flamingo happiness field? There has to be some good Training WSOs that can be offered.

    Just think how many flamingos’ lives you can improve. Maybe you could even get on PETA’s top 10 list for good guys!

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